Social media marketing

Social media marketing means promote your business, website, content throw social media. it is best tools for promoting your website and content to various social Network website. Social Media website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Social Media website their rank is higher most of website Alexa rank is 4, 5, 6 and there are Millions of user registered. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn there is the very popular social Network website for use promote Business, website, affiliate link, Content etc. 

In social Media Management or social media analyst you have the need to Account of social media website, simply you have login the social network and post your website link with info graphic images and some easy understanding text and publish.

Posting on Social Media you have add your keyword to promote your content because our main aim is to focus on our website keyword , so you can post content on any social media Marketing website add your title and description with keyword  and highlighting the keyword use.

example of tags “ #Socialmediamarketing #socialmediamanagement” this type of highlighting feature you can use Facebook, Google+, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, what is benefit than any one can click this keyword on social media website , the website show user to all post that relevant to this website and your content quality high you have top in the result .

Social Media Marketing is your daily task to get high traffic on your website social Network website have lots of traffic and you have to attract that traffic to your website throw posting cool and Informative, Helpful content people like your content they visit your website.

Top Social Media Marketing Website

1 ) Facebook   

Avery one know about Facebook is largest social networking   website and their millions of user registered you can simply login or Register account on facebook and setup your account, for promotion Facebook allow to create a Business or Website page you have created a page on Facebook and promote your website link, text, images with keyword use like # SocialMediaMarketing  on that pages you can boost also your pages, post, and website click to paid some amount to Facebook ads group .

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2) Twitter

Twitter is also one of the popular social Networking websites that allow a user to post 140 character content twitter set a character limit, you have shortly described your content and post on twitter with your website link, you can add your keyword link # #socialmediamanagement twist its. In twitter use like retwite, reply to your content. you run paid complain also about twitter just follow full detail.

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3) Google +

Google + is one of the best platforms to boost your Content on social media in that social Network you have first create the account and then you create your company community page,  Google+  is important to create your Business page on Google + you have run paid ads using Google Adwords.   Millions of user have available in Google + Network you have posted your content and marketing and get traffic to your website, with targeting your website Keyword like #socialmediamarketing etc.

4)  LinkedIn

 LinkedIn is word largest Professional Network Millions of user Registered in that Network there are thousands of Professional Person and student available in that network, LinkedIn provide free and Premium services for Advanced Feature, LinkedIn provides job serves also you have posted your content on that platform and get traffic to your website, also you have highlighting keyword same like other social network #yourkeyword LinkedIn provide connect people option you have added more people to send invitation to add your circles . LinkedIn is the powerful platform to targeting Genuine People.

4) Instagram

Instagram is one of the best websites to sharing high-quality images and you have created account on that platform and share images with text and link with your keyword and post, also you have boosted your images, link, website click, app promotion, throw run paid advertisement on Instagram, facebook ads manager Instagram is part of Facebook so you have setup your Instagram ads throw Facebook.

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5) Youtube

YouTube is the world latest video sharing website that provides upload and shares a video on their platform and YouTube Alexa rank is 2 so realize how many traffic is on YouTube and opportunity to get traffic to your website, create video and publish to YouTube with SEO friendly Title and description and publish your video.

6) Pinterest

Pinterest is another image sharing website that allows the share images, info graphic images, basically, most of the SEO expert use Pinterest as the social bookmarking website, for Pinterest you have the login and create a both and then add in with your website link and save it. Also, you have run paid campaigns also to boost your pin to get more engagement.

7 ) Tumbler

Tumbler is my favorite social Bookmarking website provide the various feature to publish your content with tagging keyword tumbler is social networking website but most people use it as bookmarking website because tumbler provides good interface to add your tag as the keyword to a ranking website on the particular quarry. 

8) Flickr

Flicker is one of the top websites to publish your content and get traffic to your website is one of the greatest websites for sharing images and quality content on their platform.

Conclusion:  social media marketing is the best way to promote your business with the use of various platforms you can create the attractive content, offer and share on social media network to engage more people on your network your social follower can hit your link, you have increased your social follower to share helpful quality contain.