How  to Make Money Online

Make Money Online is one of the keywords that search on Google and now we are writing about it, in that post we are discussing the best and simple ways that can help to make money online at home.  Money making is not simple and not hard ways for making online Money you need a presence and smart work, because we not do hard work only we the Internet lover or Marketer we do smart work for do any task internet give you lots of opportunities to make income and most of the people are the success also.

Why because  the choose better platform and work too hard and smart to earn something, most people can find some stupid website like click to ads and earn something, enter the captcha and earn something, I also try that type of website to make money online but end of the that website can’t pay one single amount to me. Then I search the internet and research the genuine way to earn money and today I shared with you.

1) Blogging or website

Blogging or website is one of the best ways to earn money, firstly start any blog or website According to your interest and earn traffic. You have traffic some ads network Like Google Absence, Chitika, Info link etc you can visit their website and Apply for Publisher account to publishing their ads on your website. Most of the blogger make thousand of dollar throw their blog or website, start your tech, news, photo, etc website and monetize with Ads and make the online money.

For making website, you can use is free to use and create your Blogger website you can also add your custom domain with blogger. You can invest something so you can use word press CMS for creating you stunning website word press provide free and paid website creating the facility.

Today most of the Blogger is converted to blogging is full time of business there are thousands of successful blogger we find on the internet and there earning is amazing your writing skill is very impotent in blogging Industry you write some amazing articles and publish them marketing your content with social media and do some SEO work  you have no idea about so you can just contact me I will do so for your website at chipest price.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is most effective way  to make  money online there are thousands of Internet marketer and SEO specialist do the Affiliate Marketing and earn thousand of dollar in a single month affiliate marketing is the simply understand you just promote a company product and any one can buy this product with your link go got a commission by company . Amazon,, impact Clickbank, blue link etc there are some of the affiliate marketing programs you can join free and promoting their product with social media and other sources and get the commission.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t have to need a website you can simply create a product affiliate link and promoting on Youtube, Facebook, and Another platform, working on affiliate you just send the traffic on your affiliate link and create is for conversion or sale that get to you a commission.

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3) YouTube

YouTube is the best way to earn by posting the video , YouTube is #2 rank website and it word most popular video sharing website most YouTube make Money online throw YouTube. For making money first you have created the account and create your YouTube channel like Technology, News, Entertainment according to your talent, creates videos and upload to Youtube and send traffic to your video by sharing on social media and other platform increase subscriber on your channel and video views. You can a thousand views then you can apply Google Absence for Publish ads on your Youtube channel and then you can earn for your video sharing channel. 

4) Freelance job

Freelance is self-work concept most of the people work at home and earn thousand of a dollar as a freelance.  some website is providing the opportunity to work as freelancers and make money online, for work you need some skill like Data entry, Typing, SEO, Web development, Logo Maker, etc in that website some company employee can hire you’re for do their work as the freelance. List as below some top freelance website.   

1) Upwork

Uowork is most top and trusted website and most of the freelancers love it , simply find the and sign up create your profile add your skill, do up your profile 90% of complete and submit to reviews then up work team reviews you profile and the allow to work on up work as freelance you can easily find job-related your skill and  send company to invitation for do this jobs . you have done your work the up work pay to your earning with PayPal or another online method .

2) people per hour

That is one of the best freelance websites because there are multiple options available buyer and seller buyer mean a person they can hire you for work and seller mains a freelance that can sell their skill  PPH provide big Amount for freelancers you can simply join to click here and register and all information your experience, your profile Photo, CV, and add your skill and submit for reviews then your application is accepted then you can  find your skill relevant job and apply and the comply can pay you .  

Join PPH 

3) fiverr 

Fever also a freelance website you can also join fever and get the online work related to your skill and register and fill all information and submit your application for reviews then your application is accepted and then you can work as freelances at

Join Fiverr here

Concussion:  the Internet is given big opportunity to make money online at home, office, or any one any one can make money online with their skill, it the important to earn join some stunning website and make work hard and smart and earn money if you got success in making money learn about techniques of making website making, traffic, promotion etc.