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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ?

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Find any information on the internet the search engine is the king of the road to find the information; the search engine is the useful tool. The present and coming generations rely on Bing, Yahoo!, Google or any other search website to collect knowledge and information. 


The user enters any word in the search box and returns with numerous search result almost instantly. Google is the presently so dominated that performs more than six billion searches every month. Bing and Yahoo! Are next to follow this giant search engine. 

It’s the dream of Avery business that shows up on top of the search result so that it gets the highest marketing through the internet. this is done now day by promoting on Google, Bing, Yahoo! And other search engines and in retune, these businesses get closer to the top result. 

If you are looking for away to rank your website higher in the search result, the most basic thing you should do is to increase the number of websites that are connected to your web page. 

What is Search Engine Marketing? 

Search engine Marketing is done properly and regularly it can be the best way to marketing or promoting your website, Business on an internet and attract traffic on your website. This is an avoidable situation and mist not is ignored as it holds huge benefits for your business. 

To ignore the marketing strategy means that you’re delaying the success of your business and certainly preventing it as well. Basically, these methods provide much-needed traffic to your business and promote it’s so that you earn a huge profit. 

“ Search Engine Marketing is the process of promoting your website, business or any content by using paid methods, free methods or a combination using both method of the search engine Optimization (SEO). ‘’ 

Search engine Marketing Categories 

Search engine marketing is a type of internet marketing that promote the website by enhancing visibility in the search result of the search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! 


Paid Advertising

This Type of search engine marketing user attracts by paid campaign, the paid marketing method such ad pay-per-click method providing the fast result. They are expensive and one must always take a look at the budgets before choosing any method. 

This is a method that search engine company to charge fees for including the website on their search result. These methods are also known a paid inclusion and sponsored listing. That the product shows up on ad-bar of the search engine, or show up on the pages of search engine result. 
Each search engine has some has sort of advertising program, with Google AdWord and Bing Ads being the two most commonly used, due to a large number of the search conducted through these two search engine.  

The search engine provides several types of Ads which often include.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement (PPC)

This type advertising called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and it means that your pay anytime someone clicks on your ad show in the search engine result pages. This type of advertisement is most commonly used by the advertisers, this type ad required payment only your ads show and user click on that.

Cost-per-thousand Impressions (CPM)

This type of advertising you can pay only for impression, the number of time your ads on display or show, using this type of advertising you pay for each of one thousand impressions. 

Ad formats 

While the text ads are appearing in the search engine result pages are a most common type of search engine advertising there is another ad format available.

Text Ads:  text ads are shown on search engine Result, its show for matching the user keyword they search on search engine. Web site headline and description show on that result. 

Text ads

Ad Extension:  the extension ads are shown to location, user rating, Google+ follower, Contact us Button, its show the engagement of user to your site, as well show the fast call to action option. 

ad extension

Images:  Image ads are most common use format we can see some ads banner on any website. Google display network supports images ads, we can upload our banner images and Google has the display then you create ads on Google network. 

Banner ads

Mobile Text or Image ads: On mobile ads display include such as text, Graphical Banner, Graphical Banner with links, videos, Google ads Network supports the various mobile app on this network, Google support responsive website then your ads are shown on any device including mobile. tablet. 

Mobile ads

App Promotion: Google Network is helping to promote your Business app and they display your app on their partner's website throw the ads for use Download it.  Its type ads mostly display the mobile and tablet user. 

app promote
App Promote

Video Ad: Video ads is the most effective in today the Google allows the display video ads on their network called YouTube or other.  Mostly website you visit than some video are automatically play that call video ad, in YouTube, we can see some 20 sec video ads with skip Ad. 

Video ads

Product listing ads: this type of ads are user for e-commerce website they show on search engine result for any keyword related to the product are other Google publisher website. 

List product ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine Optimization is the user so called Organic reach or result so that the website or any content of the client is adjusted and rewritten in order to increase the visibility of that content in the search engine result.  SEO is the important part of managing website on the search engine, SEO defined our site audit, Headline stature, site Description, meta  Tag, Image Optimization, content optimization etc. 


The Internet is the key to today business word Avery business move on the internet and they create their space on that, there is more competitor available, for better perfume the use several ways to promote their business on the internet.  Search engine Marketing (SEM) is the prompt way to promote their advertisement and Business on the web, different technique and trick are impotent for business to adopt this in order to add success.  Google is the King of search engine toady, leaving Bing and Yahoo!. There is a different way to rank on search engine Avery search engine require different SEM technique as well. You should follow all guideline and recommendations in order to success for your business. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Social media Management tools for share content on social media?

Social media Management 

Social media Management tools that are helpful to manage your content on social media at one place to share all social media account that links at your tool we are writing about all tools but we are demo use only buffer in that article you can use other tools as practice your skill.

Social media Management

Hoot suite:

Hoot suite is online management tools that help to post, scheduling, several accounts on a social network at one time, with the free version of this tools you can integrate the social Media accounts and manage all of them at hoot suite dashboard. Paid account offer additional feature such as analyze, tracking, brand mention, additional term member etc.  

hoot suite


These tools help to manage the account on twitter social networking website with data distributed in columns, you can track the activity of your twitter account, organize and schedule the post and monitoring the engagement. 


The buffer is the Social Media marketing Tools that help to Manage all Social Media Network Account at one platform, Buffer tools we manage all Social Media Post and schedule and analyze your content. 

Help to Schedule your post 

Buffer has been sharing your contains at the best possible time thousand the day for your social follower can see your post update regularly and a user has been reaching like, comment, share your post.   

Post to All Social Network Account 

Then you can use buffer add your contain you can easily select which of your Social Network Account, you want to post content you can post some content to all account or you can customize to content,  post Different text, Image. 
Customization is important to post content on buffer because twitter has allowed only 140 characters to publish their platform.

Multimedia help for engagement  

Image, a video that is one of the best ways for the attractive user that help to use fast engagement to your content in that tools we use an image and other multimedia content also. 
The first section on this you can add your post content as video, text, and image, write properly your content and meaningful and clear message to your user easily understand what you say.

add contact

Add account section you can add social media account you can add twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram account. 

post box

Add to Queue option you can share your post instantly or create the schedule for automatically share on the date.  Look at next image we are scheduling the post to tomorrow.  


Social media Management Analyze selection you can see your post comment, like, reach share etc, its mean your post engagement data analyze in that picture you see 2 users has been reached to  my post, and 0 comments and 0 shares, they not update instant record on  analyzing section they take some house to update record in analyze section.


Schedule section you can set the date to automatically post your content on your social media accounts at buffer tools. You can change the time zone of your content posting at this tools. 

date post

see our first post of buffer tools share that exactly content share that we are updating inside the tools, look in Publish by Buffer Social media Management area that sign of this post posted by buffer tools. 


Conclusion: Social Media Management tools are most helpful for saving time on social media it's helpful to manage the all account at one place, hoot suite, buffer there are one of the best tools that use in world wind for management social account for posting content.  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to Run Instagram advertising campaign ?

Hello guest,

Welcome to your blog, in that article we are discussing Instagram ads campaign, how to run the campaign and how its help to drive traffic, Post Engagement and lead for Business/website.  
Instagram now more than 600 million users, 313 million monthly active users on Instagram, it’s the level of engagement that brands get on the platform.

Instagram Marketing 

For creating Instagram ads campaign you have to need facebook or Instagram account but we are using the facebook account to run that campaign, as well we can use your facebook fan page for the run the campaign on Instagram social Network site to engagement, drive traffic etc.

setting op

Log in to your facebook account open your Fan page go to page setting option and click Instagram Create Ads link showing in the picture, you have the redirect to facebook ads manager panel you show there are more option to run ads campaign.

create ads

My account adds in Instagram, your are account not add please add your account. Go to mean setting option click to create ads option and you have to redirect to facebook ads manager to create your first campaign.

Facebook / Instagram Ads Manager 

ads manager

Select your Marketing Object in given below what your purpose to use ads campaign awareness, conversion, consideration.

You can use for increase Traffic, website click, engagement, Apps Installment, video view, lead generation etc.

Select any one option that right your Business, I am select Post engagement option that is the better work and result on Instagram ads.  We are Select the engagement option and click to continues button.

create ads

Create new Ad set ads first option use IN+18 is India and age 18 + audience sees this campaign on Instagram, you can customize also.

Audience:  in that option, your ads only see those people they have any keyword that related to your ads in their profile information.

Location: you can select your geographic location ex. India, US as well you can select India and also target specific State, zone, City, also.

Age: you can select specific age Target audience

Gender: Use All option, but you can Target men or women separately, that option use only for unique product targeting.

Languages:  You can target specific languages also.

detailed targeting

Details Targeting: 

This option can help you to target keyword for user search or that include in a user profile, or some interested that, click to suggestion option and select some keyword and you can see some number of side people are search or interested that keyword.

Connection Option you can select your facebook pages and some targeting option just like People who like your page, Friends of people who like your page, etc.
Select one option and add your page to run ads. 

Click to save audience option go to next step to Placement option.

ads placement


Placement section is most important to Instagram if you run ads on Instagram you can select Instagram section at edit placement area. You can select an automatic option that recommended by facebook, you can select check on Instagram and uncheck of messenger and other option.

ads budget

Select starting to end date of your campaign; Minimum daily Budget is Rs 40 for India user. 
Click to Continue.

Connect your page option you can select your page that is you use for the run campaign.
Click to New Post option or you can use old post also.

The post it most important to run the campaign on Instagram firstly you have a post with good quality images and text, but remind your images don’t have 20% more than text use only 20% text on image (Infographic Image) and your image size and with are also important width is 1200 and height is 627 for images .

create post

Add any Image for your post and some text Headline to your post use the best and Fast eye-catching headline for fast attract the user, you can add the call to action button also.

ads preview

Then all is ok place order now, you have to redirect payment option you can use debit card or pay to make payment, then payment is done few hour your ads on life on Instagram facebook  Developer are sent your email then your ads is approval , then your ads not approve they send you reason and how to fix its .

Conclusion:  Instagram ads it similar to facebook ads but management option is most useful on Instagram ads and important think is placement section is super important to define Instagram ads, use the 1200x628 photo on Instagram and do not use more than 20 texts on an image.

Monday, March 27, 2017

What is Push Notification and How to enable in website ?

welcome to web portal now it’s time to learn about push notification services, I know you are interest to learn about that to how its work and how to enable push notification service on your website, blog etc. 

What is Push Notification?

Push Notification is an alert style Message that appears on the Browser (Chrome , Mozilla Firefox) screen of user Device. push notification service to provide the opportunity to connect and re-engage user with your website. 

User can visit any site they show some push Notification subscriber alert on top for “disallow” or “Allow” option box it mean the website can be offer you to subscribe their push Notification alert  , then you can click to “ALLOW” Button and subscribe the service than the website or send you all update, information, social, offer Notification on your web Browser screen .

According to Analysis Push Notification are Boost the 88 % website and app engagement, that are most useful to generate website Traffic as well re-engagement user to the website. 

Type of Push Notification 

1 ) Informational: this type push notification can send update about like, comment, status update etc.  to deliver to user criteria to ALLOW to send push Notification. 
For Example,  The Traveling AAP or Web Portal can be sent Update about the flight departure time. 
2) New feature and Content: This message can be sent to user alert about something in App or Portal. In a case of game of new level. 

For example, App Update with new future or New Episode of shows. 

3) Social Action: these are alert to user social Network has perfumed an action by a comment, like,share, mention, etc. this message can be turned back to the user to visit the website and reply the comment as well the conversion with their social Network.   

4 ) Take Action:  Similar to social Notification, Take the action Notification alert user to need to take a specific action. 

for example Reminder for play game, the health app reminds for a user to open and log their water consumption for the day. Shopping App alert user certain item is on sale for one day. 
How to enable Push Notification on website 

Login to your Push Notification Service Dashboard creates your push Notification box you can edit content massage if you can display your user all set just click to save and copy some push notification code that gives you by push notification service and pest that Code in your website before closing </Head> tag and save. 

For Word press code install login your word press Dashboard go to “Appearance “and click to Edit option.

Then click to theme Header section (header.php) open that and click to “process “ button.

You can show your header page code find the </Head> tag and pest push Notification code before closing and save temple it’s done now. Refresh your website and test your Push Notification Now.

For the Blogger Login to blogger dashboard goes to temple section, click to “Edit HTML” open your code zone find </HEAD> tag and pest same push Notification code before the closing </head>  and save temple and open or Refresh your Blog and see your First Push Notification alert. 

Push Notification Services 











conclusion : the push notification service is good for send alert massage to your user , customer its help to make generate traffic to your website.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

How to Run Twitter Ads campaigns ?

Tweeter Ads 

Hello in that Article we are discussing the how to set twitter ads campaign for Business or website traffic. twitter ads its similar to facebook because both are the top social networking website. facebook is targeted the local business and twitter is targeted the international audience, basically, twitter is use to make a brand of our business. Facebook is best than twitter for boost traffic and more engagement.

Let’s Start Tweeter ads campaign ,

login to twitter and click to profile and select Twitter Ads link, twitter redirects ads campaign dashboard .


You can see there is some option for make ads, website click, follower, Awareness, tweet engagement, video views, app installation etc.
It's similar to facebook ads campaign but there are we use only 140 characters for message.
Click to Create Campaign button.

twiter dashabord

Set your campaign to write your campaign Name ex. Digital Marketing ads.  Add your date to start and end campaigns.  

set camp

Add your website URL or Landing page URL for user click and they redirect to page.  Also, you can select the category for your ads product, services.

add site

Select your targeted audience to you shows your ads its importance to targets the specific user, select gender option, you can targets language, devices also.   


Add any keyword about your business it’s just like the word.

add keyword

Set your per day Begets and totally begets for running ads campaign. In tweeter, you can pay only $ for ads.   


Select some creative tweets for promotion You can promote existing Tweets or create new ones. All Tweets eligible for this campaign type appear below. Choose or write
Tweets that give people a reason to take action. All Tweets must include an URL or Website Card. 
You can see the promoted example of your ads in the box.
Click to launch button.


 Add payment for using your card make payment and it done your ads can be running after twitter reviews. 

make payment

Conclusion: twitter ads campaign are the one of the best for making a brand value of business but the new website it’s not better than facebook, I use twitter ads but I am not satisfied with that very ads , low engagement and conversion rate, less than people click to the website link.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What is Affiliate Marketing? How its work?

Affiliate Marketing

With an increase in technology having the website for business is vital now and a majority of the customer are found online, it is the essential business to use the online space in creating the customer for their product or services.

It the very simple and easy for anyone to set a website, with some awesome and free or paid tools just through a computer and internet connection required for manage. Mostly business has turned to online there is a big online market for sale and purchase product, and there is more competition.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the Marketing technique and practice in which single business reward single or more affiliate for bringing customer or visitor through the affiliate marketing ways.
In simple word “you can promote or support other business services or product, they give you some Reward (called Commission).

For Example: if you sign up any Business, Online Shopping portal, or any affiliate Program when you can earn the commission then you promote their product or services throw your blog, website, or social Accounts. Your website visitor or social account friends can click the promoted link and they do some action just like purchase any product then you can earn some commission.

affiliate marketing
Affilate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

With an increase in technology having the website for business is vital now and a majority of the customer are found online, it is the essential business to use the online space in creating the customer for their product or services.

Affiliate marketing the one of the favorite technique of Marketer as it the cheapest and quickest way of making money online. It's very simple to use just ads product like or banner on your website, then anyone can click and buy a product you can earn % commission. 

How does it work? 

When you free join any Affiliate program and select the product wish to sell the sellers will provide you with an affiliate code is used to conduct traffic toward the targeted website. Most of the affiliate site provide Banner ads, text ads, flash ads, widgets. When the customer clicks on the banner or promoted link and the subscribe and buy a product you can earn commission by the seller.

Affiliate Marketing Techniques  

Pay Per Sale

In that case, the merchant pays the percentage of the sale price when the purchase is fully done.

For example, You can promote any Online Shopping site product and a user clicks the link and purchases the product they did payment than some days of the term of delivery completes you can earn commission by shopping portal.  
Snapdeal,  Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Bigrock, GoDaddy, etc that is the most use affiliate program for sale product. 

Pay Per Lead

In that case, your user can teach some action or they participate the survey, fill the registration form,   contact form then you can earn the commission. You can provide customer information to affiliate partners that call “Lead”. 

Pay Per Click 

This is the most common program in affiliate marketing you will be paid based on the number of visitors you send to the affiliate partner website. In case making a sale or generating leads is not important for earning the commission.

Why become an affiliate marketer?

That is the best and faster-growing internet marketing technique that can lead to online making. 
Cost effective 
Marketing over the internet is extremely cheap and one does not need to worry about any cost as the product or service is already a developing of the seller. There is also no need of hiring employees or getting a business location. 

Global Marketing

The Affiliate Marketing is the global marketing it reaches all people around the word. 

Free to Join 

Affiliate marketing program is free there are no hidden fees to join partners. 

No shipping and storage 

You can only promote a product and earn the commission you don’t need to ship the product and stored. 

Work from Home

You can work as part-time, and work in your home, office or anywhere. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What is Contain ? Type and Resources of Contain marketing ?

Contain Marketing 

contain Marketing

Contain is the information is and experience which can be share and publish in deferent form just like Image, Text, Video, Infographic etc.

Visiting any website you can see some text, image, a video that shows some information about website services its means they are the content of this site. A website owner can be delivered to their visitor and the customer to easy to understand.

Type Of contain

Image: the image is the very attractive and impotent source to deliver the information we are designing the image to relate to our content.

For example, last time we see movies post-Captain America the civil war, in that poster we see team Iron Man VS  Team Captain America the war zone poster, this post is the eye attractive to movies lover they realize that is the most Action move, and they want to see in a theater.

Only movies poster can deliver the customer to a theater. Attractive Image is increased your website traffic and increase the sale.  But most important image are related to your contain.

Text :  text content is the just ‘ word ’ we provide information throw the text format .contain Marketing we are posting some text content but sometimes we do not encourage the  people to our contain, so contain marketing we do the same presses but we add some attractive Headline, fonts style, color too fast user attract our contain . 

Video:  Video contain is the most useful in today Avery people know about the video information there are audio and video combination to Delivered the information video information is very useful, YouTube is one of the best examples for learning propose. 

Infographics:  infoGraphics is  the combination of image and text format in that case we are creating some banner to attract the user to delivered the information, short text we deliver our message “what we exactly say “


In that Banner, we see the health information throws graphics Banner for contain Marketing.

Key of Contain marketing 

Useful: You Publish contain that very important to contain are useful to your user, useful contain are the help to increase engagement to your contain, then you contain are profitable to a user they like, and share, always try to solve a problem to a user by your contend article.

Type: which form the image, video, text, infographics, content you publish that are so important.

Publish: only attractive text and Image is not do for containing marketing, you can share that or publish you contain to your social media account for people engage the content.  You can share that on facebook, twitter, linked, blogger form to aware the people about your contain.

Share: you can publish your contain on a website and different social account user can be like and share your contain for increase the website traffic.

Promote: sometimes our contain are not engage more people this time we are run the pain campaign to aware more people about our contain, we are run facebook  “Boost Post “  campaign or Google campaign.  New blogger it’s the best way to target the user and face the competitor.  Your site not in the first-page result on the search engine, so pain Campaign is helping to top on the search engine.  

Resources of containing Marketing:

Social Media: That is best and easy way to contain marketing we can publish ours contain and create paid campaign to increase traffic on a website.  Facebook are helping to attract the local user, twitter is useful to make a Brand, and Linked is helping to connect the professional people etc. 

Blogger: The blogger the Google free service to create the blog and publish your experience and information. It's best for text content, We can post image, text, video in the blog post many people can share jobs, education tutorial, fashion, technology, information throw the blogger.

Wikipedia: wiki is the best for Article submit ion most people can submit either article on Wikipedia. An article is person, place, object or idea, writing the article we user References which book we preferred, how data we collect. 

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