Whatsapp new update tricks 2019

Hello, guys long time I come with a new article with amazing new WhatsApp tricks for a new update. some amazing new feature adds for privacy and shares massage and many more you just need to update your WhatsApp app for play store some feature add like WhatsApp beta app.

1. Filter for Automatically image download

Most of the user face this type of issue for download some automatically download an image, sometimes your friends send some adult images for you and this type of images saved in your gallery you can fix theme to stop automatically download images for the particular person sending images.
How to set >
open your WhatsApp click on your friends profile and click on, < i > button and click on media visibility option and select ” NO ” option and done setting to hide their photos.

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2. Share massage to 256 people in one click

WhatsApp limits 6 people to share your message but use this trick to you can share a message with 265 people.
just open WhatsApp click on right side 3 dots and open new broadcast and select multiple contacts to share massage.

3. for group

open WhatsApp setting and account option and you see new option ” group ” select option use this option no one can add you in any group without your permission.

4. Go to 3 dots open notification open massage and group you can set notification tone for your massage personal and group notification.

5. Use WhatsApp in your local language select 3 dots and chat option and select your language WhatsApp news version support multiple local languages for resigning.

6. Go to status and click on 3 dots and you can forward your status on anyone for a click.