YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO:  key of a ranking number #1 on your video on YouTube today I tell you top tips that recent learn and apply and get the positive result how to rank #1 on YouTube that calls also video SEO.

video SEO: Monetize your video according to YouTube or other video sharing and search engine guideline add a proper title, Distribution, and keyword similar to on page SEO following post we learn about it.  

YouTube SEO 


Starting YouTube SEO first add your Main focus keyword on starting your title most people use a keyword in middle of their video title.

 like “ 9 best  tips for making money online” 

in that title is good but more so result you should try to add your keyword on starting in Title of a video.  Most people search video they typing keyword.   YouTube can understand your video and content to your font load keyword and they rank on top of a search.


Most of  # 1 ranking video we find there are thousands of comment share and like, that is one of the ranking factor to rank on # 1.

A social single is very impotent for your video so most people are like share comment on your vide it means the people are love your video content Thant mean YouTube realize people like your video they move on top   YouTube search result.

In that strategy, you should use the call to action in your video most of Your that call the viewer to like, share, comment and subscribe my video.

More like, more share, the subscriber that improving your video ranking on YouTube search result, you should always call your viewer to do something for you and ask there to like share and subscribe.

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3)  TAB formula (Target Alternate Board )

Most people use more TAB for ranking their video on multiple Keyword but use this strategy they should confuse YouTube to identify your video content.  Multiple tabs show different content on your video use only the specific tab that relevant to your video.

Ex.  Your Video About CAR and you should add “bike”   “game”  

That TAB is wasted for your video because that keyword user finds your video but after they open the live your video.   

T =   Target Your first KEYWORD

Add your main keyword in starting in TAGS that is your focus keyword.

A = Alternative Keyword  (2-3)

Add 2 – 3 keyword that related to your video and for this, you should use YouTube suggest for find related Tags.

Type your keyword and see some suggested keyword result on YouTube don’t click search button only add and see and pick 2 -3 keyword and add in your video TAGS section.

B = Broad Keyword ( 1-2)

The goal of these board tags is to just give YouTube more context about your video.

4) CTR Thumbnail:

You know to click on rate is more important for YouTube ranking but the question is how to increase click to rate of the video to more people can click on and watch.  Thumbnail is very attractive and effective that maybe generate more click  Following tip you should apply.


YouTube color is white, red and black you should add thumbnail like white and color that not show more effective that means your video not getting more click.

For creating Thumbnail use green, purple, orange color that that color thumbnail help to ranking on YouTube because of your thumbnail show deferent and more attractive on YouTube.


Use 30 % max text on image and add your keyword in BIG BOLD that generated more click on your video.  People see their search keyword on your thumbnail they click on your video and more click make your video is ranking higher on YouTube.

5) Use Long Description:

Most of the people use the small description in their video it but short description can’t help YouTube to find the exactly what your video about.  Use 100 to 200 words description for each nada very your publish video, Write A MINI BLOG post of your video description.

Short description not clear about video and content that why YouTube does not understand the actual content of a video.

The long description is elaborate all about video content that  and YOUTUBE easily  understand the video content and help to rank on #1

5)  Boost Video Length :

VIDEO length is more impotent for YouTube so recently study YouTube expert tell the longer video rank better than shorter and the average video Length is 14.50 minute YouTube always promote longer video on top because they have a more details and more watch time YouTube Increase Ranking on watch time, that means make your video to 8 to 15 minutes long for better perform. 

6) Use Bracket and Parenthesis in Title

Recently study of hub-spot they find CTR rate increase by using Bracket and Parenthesis in HEADLINE OR title that works better 38% than other and YouTube so that was more impotent for ranking, you create magnate thumbnail and write mini blog description not done your work add some CTR factor to increase your rank.

Add your title to some   Bracket and Parenthesis for CRT increase like (Your Title) or [Your Title]  

Ex.  YouTube SEO: 10 tips for better ranking (2018)






8) Rank in Suggested Video

Use same tags to the popular video that related to your video topic copy there age and pest in your video tag section that can help you to rank on YouTube then user watches popular video YouTube automatic suggest your video on the list. 

How To find Tag

Right click on the screen and find view source code or press control + U you find the page code section find the Keyword of this video. 

You should also use TUBEBUDDY app to find the tag of any video that is the very simple way to find the tag of your video. Next copy the tag same to the same word to word on your video and save it.

10) USE Current Year 

YouTube search most of the people click on that video they include the current year in there video title people search any query YouTube automatic suggest some tags with the current year.

You should add the current year on your video to get more click on your video and better rank on YouTube.  Use KEYWORD + YEAR for more click and better result.

11) watch time : 

latest YouTube update the video watch time is most important for ranking and monetizing video on YouTube in there blog post they share the after 20 February 2018 all new and old YouTuber need 4000 hr. watch time and 1000 subscriber in every 12 months of the year . 

Video SEO is more complicated and quality YouTube focus on video quality and that was the reason they apply this new policy on YouTube.

for batter, watch time focus on the trading topic and make your video clear and full quality to people watch more time.  

Conclusion:  YouTube SEO is one of the techniques that can improve your video SEO score this amazing technique help your boost your video rank on #1 in a couple of months, you should try this technique and leave a comment your result in the comment box and share one and suggest something know about Youtube SEO.