What is Contain ? Type and Resources of Contain marketing ?

Contain Marketing 

Contain is the information is and experience which can be share and publish in deferent form just like Image, Text, Video, Infographic etc.

Visiting any website you can see some text, image, a video that shows some information about website services its means they are the content of this site. A website owner can be delivered to their visitor and the customer to easy to understand.

Type Of contain

Image: the image is the very attractive and impotent source to deliver the information we are designing the image to relate to our content.

For example, last time we see movies post-Captain America the civil war, in that poster we see team Iron Man VS  Team Captain America the war zone poster, this post is the eye attractive to movies lover they realize that is the most Action move, and they want to see in a theater.

Only movies poster can deliver the customer to a theater. Attractive Image is increased your website traffic and increase the sale.  But most important image are related to your contain.

Text :  text content is the just ‘ word ’ we provide information throw the text format .contain Marketing we are posting some text content but sometimes we do not encourage the  people to our contain, so contain marketing we do the same presses but we add some attractive Headline, fonts style, color too fast user attract our contain . 

Video:  Video contain is the most useful in today Avery people know about the video information there are audio and video combination to Delivered the information video information is very useful, YouTube is one of the best examples for learning propose. 

Infographics:  infoGraphics is  the combination of image and text format in that case we are creating some banner to attract the user to delivered the information, short text we deliver our message “what we exactly say “

In that Banner, we see the health information throws graphics Banner for contain Marketing.

Key of Contain marketing 

Useful: You Publish contain that very important to contain are useful to your user, useful contain are the help to increase engagement to your contain, then you contain are profitable to a user they like, and share, always try to solve a problem to a user by your contend article.

Type: which form the image, video, text, infographics, content you publish that are so important.

Publish: only attractive text and Image is not do for containing marketing, you can share that or publish you contain to your social media account for people engage the content.  You can share that on facebook, twitter, linked, blogger form to aware the people about your contain.

Share: you can publish your contain on a website and different social account user can be like and share your contain for increase the website traffic.

Promote: sometimes our contain are not engage more people this time we are run the pain campaign to aware more people about our contain, we are run facebook  “Boost Post “  campaign or Google campaign.  New blogger it’s the best way to target the user and face the competitor.  Your site not in the first-page result on the search engine, so pain Campaign is helping to top on the search engine.  

Resources of containing Marketing:

Social Media: That is best and easy way to contain marketing we can publish ours contain and create paid campaign to increase traffic on a website.  Facebook are helping to attract the local user, twitter is useful to make a Brand, and Linked is helping to connect the professional people etc. 

Blogger: The blogger the Google free service to create the blog and publish your experience and information. It’s best for text content, We can post image, text, video in the blog post many people can share jobs, education tutorial, fashion, technology, information throw the blogger.

Wikipedia: wiki is the best for Article submit ion most people can submit either article on Wikipedia. An article is person, place, object or idea, writing the article we user References which book we preferred, how data we collect.