How to get traffic From Social Bookmarking website?


In the Social Media Marketing,  Social Bookmarking Websites is one of the best ways to increase Backlink for another site just like share your content to social media website and a user clicks the link and redirects to your site.

Bookmarking we generally use to save any website page, post, or other links to our web Browser to future fast Access.

Ex.  If you want surfing multiple websites on google for find any pacific information then you can find many websites related to this information so, this time we are doing Bookmarking future to save that post or website link to your web browser.

This is the simple browser Bookmarking, now we are talking about Social Bookmarking this something different.

 Social bookmarking is an activity of adding and sharing website links on different online services that allow sharing content and social bookmarking. Social bookmarking websites allows users to add, edit and publish the links, with the possibility of tagging the link. It’s generated a large amount of link which is submitted by a user.

The purpose of social bookmarking

The main purpose of Social   Bookmarking to promoting the website to other social platform or community. Social Bookmarking website is connecting the social media website Accounts which are the link to our blog, creating an expanded network of resources for promoting content and building your online community.  

The social Bookmarking are use full for link and content sharing. Social media website have strong potential to generate the large volume of traffic. Unlike search engines, that use complex algorithms to understand the content and rank it accordingly, social bookmarking websites use tags created by the users to classify content. Tagging is more precise, as users are able to understand the content and tag it properly, unlike search engines, that sometimes might not understand website content properly. However, this system is vulnerable, as some users might try to mislead others by using tags that are not related to the content.

Most popular social bookmarking websites 


Delicious the one of the best pioneer in a social bookmarking area as it is the service that has popularized the idea of social Bookmarking and tagging content. The website was founded in 2003, its offers quite and simple interface to share links, there are over five million users worldwide.


Reddit is a social news aggregation web, content, and discussion website. Reddit is the allows a user to create text posts or submit links, the links are organized bases on a voting system which user up or down to evaluate the usefulness or quality of the post or links.  The content is organized into topics called subreddits. There is million register user in reedits.   


Digg is founded in  2012 by Jay Adelson,  Kevin Rose,  Dig is news aggregator website, which gathers links from the internet in order to display trending articles and issues discussed on the web. Dig registered user can submit his article with black links and voting is done using ‘digg’ button.  


StumbleUpon founded in 2013 by Justin LaFrance, Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith and that is one of the best Bookmarking websites, for submitting links, and allows a user to create their own personal boards where they store links. It functions like a discovery engine, which enables you to discover content based on your interests and based on the links you have already submitted.

One you discover a page you can vote using like or dislike button. It is allowed to 61  participate in the community by creating lists, following people, sharing other people links etc.


Scoop that is also allowed to user sharing links, called scoops,  you can create topics on sccoolpt. The sculpt allows to searching and discover the content that has already been published on Scoop le. you are allowed to add your own description to each scoop you publish. 

Connecting with other users, following other topics and linking your social media accounts is what gives social aspect to this platform. You can either use a free account, which is a bit limited, with ten links per day limit, or you can choose to sign up for a premium account. Premium account enables you to publish more links, with the opportunity to use customization tools, to schedule posts, to integrate more than two social media accounts, to access analytics and generate leads by using lead generation integration option.


Diigo is another social Bookmarking website to allow a user to save the bookmark and tag pages, adding sticky notes to the content is what differentiates this platform from others and it can be very helpful to where you want to organize content you discover on the internet.

There are both free and premium accounts, with additional services provided for the premium users, such as unlimited social privileges, images, PDF annotations, etc.


Tumbler is one of the best microblogging, social Network and bookmarking sites it future just like facebook you can share your content and links to increases back links to tumbler website is very easy to use website. You can add a link to the image also just like the call to action button.