How to perform a mobile usability Audit of your website ?

Mobile-Usability Audit 

On April 2015 Google Released “ Mobilegeddon “ Algorithm for Significant new Mobile friendly Ranking that was Designed for Boost Mobile-Friendly Pages in Google Mobile Search Result. Ensure the Mobile user is more important than ever. Now the google given preference to a mobile friendly site for improving Search Rankings now is the time to ensure the optimal mobile performance by conducting the mobile usability audit for your website. 

Ensure your website is performing in all Devices and Screen sizes that help you meet the need of your mobile user, and will prevent your site from experience common usability issues.

What is a Mobile Usability Issues of SEO?

According to Google webmaster tool three are six potential issues that could cause a site to perform poorly on mobile Devices. When performing the mobile usability audit, it’s important to understand the what is the potential issues is, and how fix it.

Flash Use: Since a flash file is not supported in many mobile Browser most of your mobile user won’t be able to properly access flash base content. If you received this error Message convert your content to HTML 5 to keep in the line with newer, more mobile-friendly standards.

Viewport Not Set :   for the variety of screen sized used to access to web, website is indicated a viewport In meta tags. This will ensure  the site will scale to whatever device is being used whether that a Smartphone ,tablet or computer .using responsive design that help to ensure your viewport is configured properly and your site performed to all screen.  

Ex : <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>

Fixed –Width Viewport:  Something used to order to make a Non-Mobile-Friendly page adjust to fit mobile screens. This can be a temporary fix for some pages; Google does not recommend this practice be used long term. A Responsive design should be implemented instead.   

Mobile Usability Issues Solve Method 

Working of  Mobile Usability Audit first identifies the how a site performing in a particular area. In essence looks at a site from a user perspective in order to identify an element that needs to be fixed or improved. Google provide the webmaster tool that helps to understand and Analyze Mobile – Usability of their sites.  They will help to identify any mobile usability issue. 

Google Mobile Test Tool

Google Mobile test tool assesses whether a particular page in mobile – friendly or not.  This is the great starting point of your mobile usability audit as well  it help to identify the key issue that is impacting Mobile usability and your site as well Ranking also.

Access the Mobile Usability report in Google Webmaster Tool

In that way Google Webmaster Tool process of analyzing your site is even simple login to your webmaster tool navigate the Mobile Usability under the Search Traffic section. you see your Mobile Usability errors. 

there some information about mobile usability that helps to manage your website SEO.