Duplicate Content or Plagiarism Checker tools

In this Articles we are discussing a Duplicate Content issue or Plagiarism Checker tools  its is more important to ranking your website on the search engine because the unique content makes your site top ranking on search engine and duplicate content has been damage your rank. Any search engine can firstly priority the unique content. Note : its tools do not show the exact result, its use only forget some idea find exact duplicate content error always use Google webmaster tools -> Html improvement section and find your duplicate content error , Google panda is Google new service can identify the duplicate content. Plagiarism Checker tools

Siteliner tools are one of the free tools helps to identify the duplicate content or Plagiarism Checker tools​ on our website this tools can analyze your site in few second and display the Result.


Firstly insert your website link in a box and click to go button. Site liner shows the following the result .

You’re Page

Firstly shows No of Normal pages on your website ,how many pages skipped by robot.txt generally using blogger or word press platform we have skipped Archive or label page to tell search engine robot to No index that page because archive page has mostly shown duplicate error reason is Google index page base of  URL your post and achieve content is same but URL is different this time we face duplicate meta tag error in webmaster HTML improvement section. Skipped, Other section some time server error problem or you can delete it.   

Your Duplicate Content or Plagiarism

In that section site liner show your Duplicate Content % ,Common Content %,and Unique Content %  you want to see duplicate content click on Here Option try to always post the unique content. Common Content % is similar than your site other page content ,unique content is available only your site, not other websites. 

Looking duplicate content or Plagiarism area my site result they show two URL for my one post 2016_09_01_archive.html and second is 2016/09/facebook-ads.html mostly time a duplicate content problem is created by archive pages, and then we are blocked archive for no index. 

Average page size section site liner shows the page size and shows our page size is bigger than   other sites its mean we need an improvement for this section. 

Average Page Load Time section side liner tell about load speed about your web page its more important for the user-friendly website, it depends on how many image you are included on your web page because of an image, flash, and video content are down your page load speed. Do not include more ADS in a page it’s also down your page speed.

A number of words are important to SEO friendly post, site lines show how many word you add in your page they compare to  other sites, shows you how many words need for a best SEO friendly post. 

Site liner show about text on HTML ratio your content text or properly use in HTML tag or not always use headline, paragraph tag for text 

Internal Links is shown menu bar on your site, they show internal menu link.