Hello , In this Articles we are Discuss about the SEO Quake Tools that is the must important tools for help to improve the SEO error on your website, and the Advantage of this tools is that shows LIVE result of Avery page on your Web site .

How to Install SEO Quake in Firefox?

Step 1 opens your Firefox browser click to a menu and click on Add-Ons button.

Then you open the add-ons click to Extention.

Page Info :

In that section, Quake tools are shown about your particular page information just like Basic info.



Meta keywords

Keyword ,  enter your website keyword use 10-15 only for better SEO.
Meta description: A blog About Government Jobs News, Alert and Syllabus ,Result Notification to regular Update throw Newspaper and Organization Official Websites

Internal links: 334 (0 no follow)

External links: 55 (21 no follow)

Server: GSE

This tools can be shows all basic information about your blog or website, he check all Basic SEO information is here or not.

Keywords density 

A total number of words:1591 SEO QUAKE Maybe shows the how many word you can use and how many time your keyword are repeated  and density %.


The following picture you see the Recruitment keyword or 73-time Repeat in site and Density is 4.59 % that mean you can use this Keyword more time in your post.


Page SEO audit

Using the SEO Quake tools you see the second option is Diagnosis , then you click the button you find the Page SEO Audit and tools to display all the per page SEO Audit they show all error and Problem in your Website for this section .

1 URL :  21 characters — optimal.

  URL Section SEO Quake show your website Domain length is good or bad 21 characters in my domain is good for SEO.

2  Title  : SEO Quake show to how my character are you use in your website title and it’s good or bad for SEO optimisation and they shows the tips also to how to improve its.

3 Meta description : the tools shows about your meta description keyword character length in my description length shows 146 is good  always use max 150 words for meta description for tour site. 

4  . Meta keywords : tools show about your Keyword character length and in my website tool show 184 characters and 12 word its mean I use 12-word keyword on my page as a keyword . And much more error shows on this tools .

Internal Links 

SEO Quake can show your site all internal link how many links in your website and how many you are blocked by using Robot.txt file.  

External Links 

External links that link comes from other sites to your site just like social website link or blogger forum links facebook, google+,twitter, etc that link are an External link, SEO quake can be shown about a number of External link you have a use. 

 that tools also helps to improve your website SEO and help to Better idea for improving the Rank on a search engine.