Best free keyword tool [2019] for CPA Marketing

Free keyword tool 2019

Hey what up guys now in this post we show you some amazing keyword research tools that were very useful for your campaign we found some list of useful tools bellow I hope you can check and it useful for you.

  1. keyword Spy .com

In the list of Best free keyword tool 2019, KeywordSpy is expensive tools paid tools but some limited site this tools provide free result use can use these tools to find targeting keyword this tools can be shown CPC big and high search volume for your website or landing page traffic. the only thing that I don’t like is that they a limit of only allowing you to export 50,000 keywords per day.

  1. Good keywords

Good Keyword is tools free and paid these keyword tools to include a misspelled keyword feature, which is great considering almost 10% of search queries, site popularity gauge, and a user-friendly keyword research interface.



  1. Traffic Travis

This tool is way more than a Keyword Research tool and the free version does almost everything the paid version does. this must download and I must sure you will be thanking for pointing you to this free resumes.

Free keyword tool 2019

  1. SEO Book Keyword Suggesting Tool

That was a free tool from SEO Books team that was an amazing result provide for your keyword selection.  suppliers you an incredible amount of free information by tapping into free resources such as Google Insights.


That was also free and paid tools for providing daily estimated search volumes. this keyword research tool also provides you with synonyms and associated keywords for the keyword that you want to generate a list for.

wordtracker is probably one of the oldest keyword research tools around. I think it is fairly decent for keyword research. but I founded some result are not related to the search.


It 100% free tools no paid a cost for use I love this keyword tools it actually provides supplies you with keyword from “lateral markets that may be related to what you are promoting. this is important because people in related markets may also be interested in what you are promoting or selling.


Quintura is a visual search engine that is similar to what makes Quintura different than other search engines is that it builds a cloud of similar keyword and keywords in lateral markets.


SpyFu is another one tools that free and paid version available for use those steal your competitor keyword tool . with a wealth of information on millions of keywords, you can easily find the keywords from your organic and paid competitors and start adding them to your arsenal of traffic generating keywords.

  1. WordButler

This tool using their unique HCE (Human Cognition Emulator) algorithm, which simply means you get many related keywords groups in a niche as possible. the speed of the program is great you can easily export your keyword.

  1. AdCenter Labs

This is the great resources provided by MSN. it more than just a keyword research tool. this tool will help you “understand”  you market. you really need to spend some time at this web site to understand the power of this free resources.


I have never personally used this tool but they claim to search all the major keyword research tool in one spot. now that is handly there are a lot of different features on this site for keyword research.


Another great free keyword research tools and searches google, yahoo, and MSN  for the keyword result. Spacky even allows you to download the keywords into a text file for easy copying and pasting.

  1. Google insights

An amazing tool provided by Google that allows you to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, category, and time frame.

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I have never personally used this keyword research tool, but they claim to have over 77 million keywords in their database and have been collecting keyword data for the last six years.


Keyword Extend is not a keyword research tool, but rather a tool that can help you quickly generate the different Adwords variations such as broad, phrases and exact match. Additional features include reversing words, creating keyword lists with permutations, removing duplicate keywords and many others. This tools is free for you to use and can help you save hours of precious time.


GoRank is a really good SEO tool that helps you determine the relevancy of your web pages based on certain keywords. If you really want to drive a lot of natural SEO traffic to your web sites promoting CPA offers, you must add this tool to your arsenal.

  1. Trellian

Trellian compiles and analyzes internet usage statistics to create a powerful competitive intelligence tool. You can monitor your competitor’s web sites to identify their major traffic sources. You can find out which sites are responsible for sending traffic to their pages, including search engines and the search keywords used.

Conclusion :

Hop this post may be helpful for your Best free keyword tool 2019 for researching for your business and some of the tools are free and some are paid you can use some free version also.