Full details of WhatsApp Tips & Tutorial

Hello friends, What is WhatsApp Messenger? I do not have to tell anyone about it. Everyone is public about this, but today I will give you full details through WhatsApp tips and tutorial which you will be able to become a specialist WhatsApp user. WhatsApp is the world’s top most smartphone messenger application, through it we all text, video, image, location, contact, audio etc.

on my connected number. It can be sent anywhere in the world. And the special thing is that it is a cross-platform app that means runs on all platform like android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Java Mobiles.Through this article, I will give you details of WhatsApp and tell tips and tricks to those you know will become a user of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Tricks: How to Play Two WhatsApp Account on a Phone Just read the correct, you can use multiple WhatsApp account from your mobile, for that you have to install an extra application in your phone using which you will be able to run two WhatsApp simultaneously.

UnRooted Phone If your phone is not rooted, then you can download the GBWhatsApp and install it in your phone, by using it you will be able to create separate WhatsApp accounts and simultaneously play WhatsApp on two numbers. • Click here to download GB WhatsApp  Rooted Phone If your phone is rooted, you can go to the play store and download the 2-line WhatsApp. Through it you will be able to run multiple WhatsApp accounts its very simple. • Click here to download 2 line WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Tips & Tutorial:

How To Use WhatsApp Messenger Using WhatsApp is a very easy task, if you do not know how to use and know, you can become a professional by following the given WhatsApp tips. How do I send media, contacts, or location? You can share all types of media file by clicking the given icone in the top right. How to send voice messages Click and hold the Mic option and after the voice recording is complete, the leave message will be sent. Backing Up & Restoring Conversation History

Follow the given process for data backup – setting >> chat setting >> click backup conversationEmailing Conversation TranscriptsIf you want to share your chat with friends then use email as follows – Go to setting >> chat setting >> click email conversation.