Personal sticker for WhatsApp

Whatsapp app currently add a new future name of sticker in Diwali you see some of your friends share this type of sticker today we are showing you how to add this and how to add your personal sticker on your WhatsApp. In this post, we are showing some trick to add a Personal sticker for WhatsApp to your WhatsApp Application just follow the step and made its own sticker

What you need to

you need the latest WhatsApp  App or Update it on the beta version

Now start the work fist open the Application name is Background Eraser and add any photo in Application like the shown in following images As well you can crop also to your preference. Then add image click to the done button on the top right side.

Second work starts you see the following interface and how many options like Extract, Auto,  Magic, Manual, repair, Zoom.

You just Select the auto option fist click Auto button and then click on  your images Background  Color and select color that want you cleared and then you show on top of auto option new option are enable  “ Threshold of similar color “  move that wants to leave to right and your background was cleared also you can use manual tools for better clear .

Then click on the top right side and done button and adjust the Smooth 0  to 5 click on 4 or 5 and last save it on your phone button showing on right on top and click last finish option.

Step 3 open the Personal stickers app and you see your png images show on this app just add in your WhatsApp messenger “ADD”  option and your personal sticker can be added to your WhatsApp app.

How to Add  Diwali striker in WhatsApp

Hello in this Diwali strikers are vital in WhatsApp massaging, if you add to your WhatsApp you need update vision of your WhatsApp app but most of the time I updated the WhatsApp but stickers did not work?

Today I will show you the solution of this just follow my post and you can be added Diwali striker to your WhatsApp Messenger.

First, go to play store and make short your app is updated or download third-party app stores to download apps.

This feature is available in WhatsApp beta vision but we will tell you I app that can be installed in your device and you can send striker.

The second step downloads the Diwali striker app on the following the link and installs the app on your phone’s.

The third step opens the Diwali struck app on your phone and add the striker to your phone on click +. Icon and you see a message like stickers added to your WhatsApp app.

Then striker adds successfully to your WhatsApp just refresh your WhatsApp messenger and click shamoji section in following images we show.

And see the new options are available in send striker to your friends