How to get Referral domains backlink?

referral domain backlinks

Referral Domains backlink

Hey in this part we cover the advance method about Rank #1 on Google website in fast ways. how to rank any website?  there is one answer for every one create backlink but there is some wrong backlink Method are down your rank also I mean Google is penalized your site also with a low-quality backlink. so rank a website with the safe method you need to create a High-quality Backlink. in this post, we are covering the new method to rank your website in safely with according to Google policy.

First, Understand what is a backlink?

“Backlink is the link is come from another website to your website as call backlink’’  There are many ways to create backlink like directory submission, bookmarking, blog posting, Guest Posting and commenting. Now, most people create the backing form blog commenting but they do not understand the most of commenting website is provide No-Follow Backlink for your website and Google does not consider to Good Link for Your site.  Today WordPress or Blogger platform comment system provides no follow the link for you some luv comment system are some time provide a do-follow backlink.

But now Backlink time is Over now the Time for Referral domains?

Referral Domains BacklinkReferral Domain is similar to backlink but this is very helpful for rank your website according to Google updates. Referral Domain backlink main some website directing visitors to your website, like social media Pinterest pin they provide do follow backlink and they send traffic also to your website. You have 10 backlinks come from 2 websites but that Refer domain count is 2 only that means to make 2 referral domain traffic as compare 10 backlinks it works better for your website.

Different from referral Domain and Backlink?

Backlinks are URLs that direct people to your website. Referring domains are domains that contain backlinks to your website where the backlinks are coming from your site.

For example, when a site like  up with 1,000 backlinks to your website, it means is the referring domain. The backlinks are external links located on that site with anchor text that leads back to your website. In this example, Google is probably going to give your website a smackdown, (a penalty) for violating Google’s Backlink Guidelines.

How to Find Referral Domains traffic?

That very easy to find your blog referral traffic there are thousands of tools can monitor your blog like Majestic SEO, Moz tools, and google analytics, in this case, we show your referral traffic in Google Analytics because of it free and everyone uses this for monitor the site. first step to find the referral Traffic on your website login to Google Analytics dashboard in the Acquisitions Report.



And see your all referral domain traffic flow chart in this chart you can understand how referral traffic is working better for your as per compare the Low spam compering Backlink which one comes to low DA website.


referral domain traffic flow chart


Look see the detain this chart you find which website providing the better visitor to your website and find the website is very high Domain Authority that means the link and traffic come to this type of high-quality website that means your website rank Aswome.


 Can referring Domain help for Link Building?

Yes!  Referral domain strategy currently works better for you latest Google update google say they do not count the low backlink for creating some old method like commenting because most of the new WordPress blog proving No-follow backlink for you.

But in the case of the referral domain, strategy provides the Do-follow backlink with high authority domain. Link building with a referring domain strategy will deliver valuable SEO results and expand your link building efforts beyond backlink competitor research—if it’s done correctly.

How to Do referral Domain Strategy

  • Guest Post : for the referral domain link your best and first step to do guest posting, you need to create some awesome content and post to other website contact the admin of website and ask them to publish your content on their blog and aks 1 do follow backlink this link are work as referral domain that links refer traffic on your site.
  •    Find Similar site: This step requires a bit of manual work since to find the similar site for your niche. Perhaps there will be a tool to find similar sites and download all of the URLs. Until then, it’s time to go on a domain hunt Following site is help you to find that.
  • Exchange Link: Get the referral domain backlink and traffic we need to get high domain referral link from another website similar to your content, find and contact the website that post similar content like your niche you need to ask the admin for the link with do follow the link. This strategy is work better for another strategy to create a high-quality link.


Conclusion: Final word of this post leave the old backlink matched technique like Commenting google dislike them try to get quality traffic by use to get referring domains backlink to boost your SEO score and fast ranking in google top search in a particular keyword or niche.


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