Blogging has become everyone’s favorite platform to explore and to build their career out of it. If you’ve been stumbled upon blogging platform and want to expand your knowledge about blogging, then you must be looking for a list of blogs which can help you out with your blogging journey.

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There are many blogs and websites available on the web-platform who are great at teaching things to newbies. If you are planning to start your own site, then you must opt for website design services from reliable companies. Once your site is ready, you can learn some techniques to put quality contents and promote it for yourself.

Gradually, you will start receiving good traffic which you can convert into money. Just to make you a better blogger, here we have listed down the best blogs of 2018. These blogs teach you a lot of things to become a better blogger.

#1- CoppyBlogger.com

CopyBlogger is all about learning to create quality contents for your blog or website. The quality of your website’s content decides its future. If you have developed poor content building strategies, then you should start following this blog to improve your writing skills.

#2- ProBlogger.net

ProBlogger makes you a better and professional blogger. The platform is all about learning new things to become a professional blogger. From here, you can learn the best blogging techniques.

#3- SuccessfulBlogging.com

This platform lets you teach about earning money through your blog. If you have developed a great blog with a decent amount of traffic, you can start making money through your blog. Follow this blog and learn to generate income through your blog.

#4- SmartBlogger.com

If you are looking for effective advises for your blog or website, then this platform helps you out. They always come up with new advises which will help you to gain more traffic to your blog.

#5- BlogMarketingAcademy.com

A blog is an extremely powerful tool for you to earn good amount of money. You can build your career in blogging easily. This platform lets you marketize your blog on the platforms to attract more audiences.

#6- Wonderlass.com

This website helps you to start your career in blogging. You can quickly learn about developing your blog, launching it on the web and generating income out of it.

#7- BasicBlogTips.com

If you are just a beginner in blogging, this platform helps you to learn step by step blogging.

#8- Buffer.com

A buffer is also a great platform with over 2 Million daily hits. This blog helps you to learn more techniques about blogging.

#9- BeyondYourBlog.com

This website allows you to submit your blogs and blog posts. The platform also provides you with regular tips and new tricks to get your contents accepted.

#10- BlogTyrant.com

This blog is all about building a blog with your favorite niches. As per your interest, you can make an effective blog and can start promoting it effectively by learning things through this blog.

#11- GoInsWriter.com

If you are passionate about writing things down, then this blog helps you to become a good content and copywriter. You can start your career in this field and can also develop a successful blog.

#12- WPBegginer

If you are just a beginner and want to build a successful blog in this competitive world, then you should start following this blog. They teach you about the WordPress platforms and all the useful plugins which are available.

#13- FeldmanCreative.com

This blog is designed for the creative people. IF you have a creative mind and want to build a successful career through blogging, then this blog can help you out with plenty of tutorials.

#14- CoSchedule.com

Plan, Publish and Promote. This platform allows you to plan better, publish effectively and promote widely. You can become a successful blogger by following this blog on a regular basis as it also allows you to promote your contents.

#15- ByRegina.com

Here, you can find out plenty of articles, videos, workshops and useful materials to learn about blogging and building a career out of it. It’s an excellent platform for the beginners.