Google Seo Tools  2019

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Working on SEO you should need some  ” Google SEO tools ” for analyzing your business, website, keyword and other think.That should be more important for your website rank in this article we tell you some interesting tool that can make your work easy.let’s see some amazing google SEO tools see the list below I hope tools are helpful for you.

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1 ) Keyword Planner :

 You know about keyword planner these tools are free tools for finding the trends and most helpful keyword for your business these tools show your business-related keyword and average monthly searching for this particular keyword, and their competition low, high, medium, etc.

Official website:

You have just put a keyword or work and click to get idea keyword planner show the relevant result for your keyword related and you should pick some keyword to use your business.

2) Google Trends: 

You work as the content writer then you should follow these tools first because this tool is most popular in a content world you check this tools you realize some of the topics are now trending on search with country basic and location vice, these tools help you to find the future forecasting of contents.

These tools can help to find keyword also you get some ideas about news and story that is trending on the search engine.

These tools give a facility to find the result with the category like sci and tech, political, finance etc.  and geographic location, like a country treading topic.

Official website :

3) Search console:

Google webmaster or Search Consol is the very impotent tool for the website for them visible on the search engine without this tools your website not visible on Google search engine friendly it means this tools can verify your website ownership and submit to Google to index your content or websites.

This tool help to find your website CRT, impression link to your site as knowing a backlink for your website and another issue.

Official website :

4)Google Analytic

This Google tool is very helpful for tracking your website visitor of the visit your website this tools provide all data about website traffic on your website, these Google SEO tools show the location, traffic, and device etc.

You have just added your website in  Google Analytic tools and add a tracking code to your website head section, they track you all traffic regarding information, Real-time visitor, website Bourse rate, conversion etc.

Official website:

5) Xenu the link Sleuth :

This tool is a crawler tool, using this tool on your website your site is crawl faster and Google index faster your link, content and boost your rank on search engine, These tools allow to search engine to crawl a website.

6) Screaming Frog:

This also works as similar like Xenu and allow to crawl a website, but these tools focus on the keyword to crawl by search engine these tools focus on your H1, H2, Title, Description, links, content.

It is the very powerful tools for faster website indexing and crawling by search engine this is one of the best SEO tools for webs crawls.

website :

7) Deep Crawls:

SEO tools for crawling this tools is work similar to previous two but these tools have some advance crawling services that work better than two you should use this tool for allowing a search engine to crawls your website.  


8) SEMRush :

One of the best tools forever in SEO industry this tools provide the keyword planner, competition analysis, and more other advance feature, using this tool you have grown your business and create more sale.

For SEO :

Technical SEO audit, semantic core collation, Position tracking, ideas for gaining more organic traffic, competitive intelligence, Backlinks audit and analytics  

Paid Trafic :

Ads strategy analysis, keyword grouping and management, Cross –Group negatives optimization, Ad Keywords and creatives research, competition analysis

Social Media

See social audience and engagement change over time, Discover best-performing post, compare how you perform against competitors, Get instant insights into your social strategy.

website :

9) spyfu :

This is also one of the great tools for analyzing your competitor website and gets an idea of improving yourself spyfu SEO tools give keyword research facility and get fast ranking keyword for business.

This tool helps you to find your organic keyword report and another visitor report also this keyword find the other competitor keyword backlink report.

website :

10) Majestic SEO :

Majestic SEO is tools use for indexing website faster and help to link building you have in link building work then you tray this for create awesome backlink for your business and boost your rank on search engine.

This tool provides indexing report about your website and you want to find which backlink are index by Google they give information in fresh backlink and old backlink also they provide which backlink come with which stage like anchor tag, refers domain, subdomain etc.

website :

11) Moz :

Moz SEO tools are very popular tool in SEO industry these tools help to find perfect keyword for your business and find competitor backlink report this report help to building backlink, also these tools find Domain Authority on any website this is amazing tools for SEO you should use this for your website.

These tools give you keyword suggestion with monthly search volume and SERP Analysis with your keyword you should try this and use their other feature.


12) Link Detox :

These tools help to find bad backlink for your website, backlink is important but some bad link is are creating the issue for your website like adult website backlink, fake software backlink this type of backlink not help to increase rank but they decrease your online reputation.

This tool identifies this bad and good backlink for your website they you have fixed or remove them from your backlink list.

website :

13) Pitch BOX :

Pitch box is SEO tools that help to the promotion of your website and content, tools are helping publishing and agencies to promote their content.

Using this tools you should be share and viral your content on a various social channel it earns you get more traffic to your website and more sale.


14) Ahrefs

Amazing Google SEO tools for anyone, I just tell you this tool is my best these tools help you to find competitors traffic analysis this tool research your competitor’s organic traffic sources and their backlink report and their top pages rank on search engine with a particular keyword.

They have data about thousands of relevant keyword suggesting from our mammoth database of over 3 Billion keywords.

Keywords Explorer will also show you annual search volume trends and give you some great insights on searchers’ behavior and SERP ranking history.

These tools help to track you’re ranking on mobile and desktop location and plot your full ranking history on a handy graph. 

For content marking these tools are very useful simply add your keyword and find which content get you more traffic for you.