Hey Buddy,
are you think about online campaigning so this post is for you before running the paid campaign you need to read this post and understand which platform is suitable for your Business.

pick the suitable platform is better for use because the wrong platform use we west our time and money. I know the paid ads campaign is giving better ROI or maybe a better fast result, but when ? then your campaign hit the targeting audience and they actually needed service or the product like you.

so, in this post, we learn about facebook vs google ads difference for running our ads campaign.

Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords

both are the very good platform for online advertising your content, service, and product but a big difference is they are one vs all situation, Facebook is largest Social Networking website every internet user know about it but ads advertiser you think one think facebook targeting only the register user only including Instagram.

but another case Google is word most popular search engine 90 % world wind user use google to find the information, website, movies, etc.
then you run Google ads for your business google show your ads on their other platform.
1) search engine result page
2)Blogger platform
3) Google + Social Network
4)Youtube Video Ads
5) Admob Ads in mobile phone

Google has multiple platforms and audience they targeting for ads and getting better and fast revenue.

facebook Targeting area

1) Psychographics
how facebook targeting people is the question for everyone facebook targeting people use their personal information user adds in a profile section area like Education, Place, Interest, workplace, and other information.
2) custom audience
facebook targeting this person they already visited your website you have set campaign retargeting your user that also call remarketing.
3) Geo-Targeting
facebook Geo-targeting is same as google you have to target particular location people near your business area.
4) Demographic
unlike Google facebook demographic targeting is extensive and accurate people on facebook.
5) Retargeting
Facebook gave more result on retargeting ads than Google

Google Adword Targeting area
1) keyword
most effective and power targeting as SEO purpose Google has to target user then find the keyword or any query on google search google show some relevant ads on there search result page top button or some time side. google show your ads then user query match with your business keyword.
2) customer match
Google targeting user with the batch of an email address that we upload to google.
3) Retargeting
some of the agency reports show Facebook is better to work then retargeting people than Google.
5) Geo-targeting
Google Geo-targeting similar to facebook you have set your targeting location to show your ads this is the help of targeting genuine user they actually want your product and service.
6) Demographic
Google demographic targeting is limited as compared to Facebook.

which campaign is Better for you

1 ) Post & Page engagement
facebook provide post engagement and page engagement campaign you share content on your page and paid for campaign facebook automatically viral the post and people are engaged.
2) video ads
Facebook also provide video ads to boost your ads campaign video marketing is today’s most useful and fast result providing method.
3) lead Generation from
facebook lead form is very effective to collect the lead this campaign automatically capture your data when a user clicks on your ads this the facebook landing page they provided for advertisers to catch user data or lead then the user to apply the form you get lead on your Facebook ads.

4) sales
google ads very powerful for sales your product as compared to Facebook for sales your product online you need to google ads is best for you most of the affiliate marketer use google ads for generating more sales on their product for earning more commission facebook ads, not affiliate friends than compare to google.

5) search ads
search ads fast targeting user without visited any website first find google ads on top.
6) video
Google video ads help to target youtube user and another website they allow video ads on their website.
7) Display Ads
display ads gave less result on retargeting compare to facebook but you can use it to run for branding ads etc.


Google vs facebook ads campaign both are google but Facebook works better than google in some case like retargeting, lead in low price, and Google is performing better in search and video, keyword targeting ads this campaign choosing depends on you and your business area you choose to campaign for relevant to your audience niche.