Adsense lunched New Auto Ads Unit and Tamil language Ads

Adsense New Auto ads Unit

Google always provide the better user interface and service but this-this new for internet worker, website owner they join Google absence program for earning money.
good news for publisher recently Google launched a new feature for the absence publisher machine learning-backed ad unit new AdSense unit called Auto Ads, which uses machine learning to better match ads to pages.

Auto ads include Anchor and Vignette ads and many more additional formats such as Text and display, In-feed, and Matched content.
users that used Page-level ads are automatically migrated over to Auto ads without any need to add code to their pages again”, concludes the post. The service, which is now available to all, first showed up in limited beta early previous year. It already comprises a significant proportion of parent company Alphabet’s ad revenues, which accounted for $27 billion of its $32 billion of revenues in the most recent quarter.

according to Google. The optimization technology built into the ad-serving unit will analyze website pages, find potential ad placements, and optimize media inventory using machine learning to serve the ads that will perform best, write Googlers Tom Long, AdSense engineering manager and Violetta Kalathaki, AdSense product manager. Despite the automated nature, users will still have the ability to control what general ads types (in-page and overlay) are displayed on a site.

Adsense support Tamil languages Aads

google India launch of Tamil language ads for there advertising product, Google AdWords, and Google Adsense to support the Tamil language web publishers and also help advertisers to reach out to the large base of Internet users in Tamil. With this launch, Google has now scaled support for Indian language advertising to cover Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil.
this new feature help to targeting local user with a better lead generation
According to Shalini Girish, Director – Google Marketing Solutions, Google India, “Majority of India’s Internet users are not fluent in English, and we have been very focused on enabling Indian language support across our key products to make the Internet more useful for everyone. With the launch of Tamil support in our advertising products, today we are enabling both the content creators and advertisers to connect with the Indian language users in their languages. We saw a huge acceleration in Hindi content creation when we launched support for Hindi languages, and we hope that the addition of new languages like Bengali (launched late last year) and now Tamil will provide the necessary boost to content creation in local languages and grow digital advertising in Indian languages.”