Recently on Google Update, Google has changed the payment app name  Google Tez is now Google Pay Tez, built over the UPI interface, was launched in India in September 2017. Since its launch, Tez has seen 55 million downloads, 22 million active users, 750 million transactions with annual run rate of with $30 billion.

Speaking at the 4th edition of Google for India event here on Tuesday, Caeser Sengupta, General Manager, Google Payments, said the re-branding gives the payment service better scope, take the product global and import global features in India.

TEZ App or Google Pay By Google Digital payment 

India goes to a cashless economy and focuses on digital payment and Indian Government work for it, that why Government lunch there on digital payment app called “BHIM” that can easy to use and fast money transfer to account with mobile number and UPI system.

How to Register TEZ App

Now the Word largest Internet Company  Google has been  launched their new “ TEZ “ App for India user for make payment easy this app is very secured and easy because that was Google App Avery buddy traded for it  this app can be advance feature compared to BHIM  in that app user can get reward and cash price in their account.

This app totally free app and no transfer charge revered for using it this app based on UPI payment nut there is some Advance feature integrated by Google.

They provide cash offer for a user and that offer user can win 1000 Rs Indian rupees to 100000 Indian rupees for weekly.

This App support ultrasound way there is a feature you can send money without share your account number and the mobile number simply for this news feature.

  ” Make your first payment and we both get ₹51! “ 

  Dowload App

How it works 

Person 1 and swipe the pay mode and other swipe to received mode in 6 seconds they search device and send money with your confirmation that works link any data sharing application like share it to find a device. 

Firstly download the app on play store or My referent Link you can join my reference link you and me both are given Rs. 51  buy your first payment. Without the reference, you download an app you not revered any reward.

How to register TEZ App

“ For the reward, first your follow my link and Download an App on play store and send Rs. 1 to me or your any friends they use this App and you and me both received Reward TEZ APP.  “

After Download opens the app and selects the language English, Hindi, Marathi etc this App support Multiple Languages your have select one.

After select language, you need to enter your mobile number, add which number that was linked to your Bank Account.

Next presses you need to add your Email to TEZ APP and click to continue option. Then enter the OTP code in App to verify mobile number to activate the account on TEZ App.

Now it Google product so Google Add their some security by pin you can create a pin 4 Digit Number for open App, so you can add your 4 number and confirm.

Next process you can add your Account in that App because this is not wallet this is bank to bank transfer App this Send or received money direct to your bank account.

Select your Bank branch on a list and then you need to send an SMS to their number with the code that code is atomically generated you have only sent messages with your Bank Register Number select your sim single or dual setting and send messages to link your account in TEZ App.    

Now next step you need to Create UPI PIN. You have already a UPI PIN then you can use this one also, otherwise you can create new a UPI pin used for authentication. You can’t process any transition without UPI pin advice for you set a strong and easy to reminder pin for you. Do not share this PIN with anyone.

For creating a New UPI Pin you have Inter last 6 Digit Number and Expired date of your ATM card and process.

Next step you have set a new pin. And then you have successfully added your bank account you have to add multiple bank accounts also.

#Send Money

For sending money through Google TEZ app you can send money to any One throw their bank account, Mobile number, IFSC, UPI ID similar to BHIM App.

To send Money, click on the Rupees symbol (pay using Phone or account number, QR or UPI ID) at home screen.

In the next screen, you can see the Account Number option, using this option you can send money to the person by entering his/her Account number and IFSC code.

Note: I face some problem to link SBI Account to TEZ app maybe it fixed soon you can send feedback to Google then Google work it for and fix fast to solve problem 

All transaction

In that tab, you have seen list your transaction similar like chat history.


In that Option you have collects some offer and Reward for your Avery transition, there is change to Win 1Lk also.   

Final word:  How to Register TEZ App  is the alternative BHIM that was very simple and useful app for helping Cashless India and way to Digital payment that app is not wallet like Paytm and other Payment this app all money transfer to direct your account instantly so you can download this App and enjoy your cashless word please comment below if you have any equerry and please share this post to your friend thank you for reading this .    

You have Join in My Reference you Get Rs. 51 with your first Transition you can send me or any TEZ user Rs. 1 for Testing and Get Rs. 51