Press Release Submission in SEO

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Welcome to our New Blog post in that New article we are Introduce about SEO on the method that calls Press Release Submission in SEO that is one of the best methods to increase high quality back link for your website mostly that can be helpful for generating the lead for your Business. 

Press Release Submission in SEO that is off page SEO Method we do for promoting our Business in various Press Release website. when we release press note then our Business can archive Something, or we are Launch New Product, or We Give offer for the particular product of our Company ,Announcing an employee change, Sharing survey results elebrating an anniversary, Announcing an ,internal restructuring of the company,Opening a new branch,Receiving an appointment,Changing the website, company or business name.,Announcing unique features of the business or the website. 

that time we are writing a News about our company offer, product, achievement, and Publishing on Press Release submission website. 

How to Do Press Release Submission in SEO

For Submitting your Press News on a website you have needed an already created News in your word document with use of your Targeting Keyword.

For Tutorial, we can http://www.pressnews.biz/ 

Go to any press  Release website search on Google Press Release website you find lots of website and link open one of them and you need to account for Publish your News so, firstly create your account to click the top option “Create account”.

Add your user name, password and valid email for verification your account and check the boxing term and condition and press the create your account button.

You have the login you dashboard now work is start now click to “Submit Press Release”  Button on top menu bar you can now redirect to form area there you can fill some detail about your news. 

Headline:  Now in that first section you can add your News Title or Headline that in 20 minimum and maximum 100 characters. 

Summary: in summary section, you can add short Description of your News that help to allow a user to find your content is helpful or not.

News Body : is the impotent section you can add your main content or news in a section you can simply copy to your MS word file and Pest to this section that allows to 100000 character news length. 

Exclusive News:    check this box or read Policy of submitting news on this website in Press Release Submission in SEO

Category: Category is the impotent section you can select your article related category, you can select only 3 categories for your news, your articles related to a computer you can use the computer , the internet etc. as you choose.   

Tags: it is the keyword section that helps to find the user to search and find your articles on a website. You can add 3 to 5 keyword that is relevant to your website.

Issue By: Add Your Name or Publisher name of News.

Contact Mail:   Add Your Business email or your email or contact and support by a website. 

Website title: In that fled you a add your website title that you promote throw press Release Submission in seo.

Website Link: some website provides this Option and some not you can add your website link landing page link here. 

Red mark is mediatory filed that was compulsory to fill out, that why I am not field Business address Colum because is not Mandatory. Add Verification Word in Box and click to submit button and your news is submitted in a website.

Manage Press release Section you can see your Press release post simply click and open new the window to watch your news how it looks after publishing. 

See your news has been Published in website , posted date and Publisher name and main body contain of your News.