Top Off-Page SEO Techniques for Increase website traffic (2018)

Off-Page SEO Techniques 
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Welcome back to our Blog Infotechker now it’s time to Discuss top Off-Page SEO Techniques 2018 that are very helpful for increase website traffic off-page SEO is the second step to your website SEO work now we tell you some top off page SEO technique 2018 in our this articles.


What is off page SEO?

top Off page is the technique that helps to increase or earn quality Backlink for our website for rank on a Search engine on a specific Keyword user can b search . off page method can help to rank your keyword on a major search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
Off-page So refer to all the thing that you do directly off your website to Improving Your Website or Landing Page Keyword higher, using such as Social Networking, and another Submission method.

Top Off-Page Submission for SEO

Work on off-page SEO you can nee to increase lots of  Quality Back link, and you need to submit your website link on the various website with targeting or highlight your “Keyword”  now look following off-page submission that is done for increasing keyword rank.
  • Directory Submission
Directory Submission is one of the important submission method directory website similar to telephone directory they have some category and subcategory to submit your   website or landing page URL with Highlighting your keyword,  store information of website ,you can simply visit website and click to Submit free link option and post your website link, title, Description, Keyword, Meta Description, and chose free or Regular Link option before submitting your website link , free listing is not approval or live instantly it tech 4 to 5 month for life.   
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  • Social Bookmarking 
 Social Bookmarking is one of the best ways for Increase traffic and Keyword rank on that website we can share our story, bookmarking website like a tumbler, Digo, Pinterest etc. that proving Keyword Highlighting Facility you can simply log in and share your link with title and targeting keyword. Bookmarking site similar to social Network site user can share anything, you can share your content on bookmarking website and anyone can click you post and redirect your website.
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  • Classified ads Submission 
Classified Ads Website is the Online Promoting and Marketing such a lead Generating, Ads Posting platform they also proving free post your website or Business as with link and Targeting Keyword, their sum category an sub category to submitting you ads in Relevant Category. 
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  • Local Business Listing 
Local Business Listing can process that targeting the local People and area three are thousand of the free website that allows you to list your Business on their Website. Just deal, Sulekha, Yellow pages etc . website is the famous of local listing submission in SEO. 
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  •  Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is one of the ways to increase backlink but some time get Do follow link and sometimes No follow link, for posting comment you can find or .com website for posting comment with hyper link on your keyword we show in blog how to do blog commenting you can find the link to our blog.
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  • Forum Posting
Forum posting is the question-answer Disuse website that allows the user to add their query and discuss most of the website provide the link feature to your answer or question ex. Quadra website provides add the link option to your comment how to do forum posting we already write it you can find on our blog.
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  • Articles Submission 
 Articles Submission is a very effective way to get quality backlink for website and traffic it can help to improve your website traffic in a particular keyword, you can write unique articles and publish the articles submission website.
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  •  Web 2 .0 submission
Web 2.0 is advanced SEO technique that can be used to rank your keyword on major search engine,  in that case we can find the sum of high pr website, that allows you to create a free blog on their hosting or subdomain we can create blog and publish our articles with 2 backlinks there no fear about spamming submission.
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  • Video Submission
Video Marketing is today’s best way for earn quality traffic for website and YouTube is king of video sharing website site. Video submission we are creating a video using PPT or Video Making software and add your content keyword etc and publish to video sharing website like YouTube ,  Daily motion etc.
  •  Document Submission
Document submission process we create a pdf or PPT file with adding Back link in and publish to the pdf or PPT file sharing website like, etc. document sharing the website that website providing adding your keyword option in their dashboard before publishing your document.
  •  Press release Submission
The press release is the process to use when our Business can achieving something, company Launch New Product or Offer for a user , in case we create a news and post to Press releases website press release can help to get lead for Business.
  •  Images Submission
Image posting website is also one off page SEO technique for using increasing website traffic with use images, info graphic images and publishes to images posting website like flicker, Pinterest, Instagram etc.  That allows adding the link on your images to click and redirect to your website.
  •  Profile linking
Profiles Linking is the way to link back to your website, in which you can create Profile or Business profile in a various website with adding your website link.
Conclusion: top off-page SEO techniques 2018 we are discussing about off page SEO submission method to creating backlink for a website that 13 methods can help you to earn website traffic with organic way you can’t pay for anyone just simply work and earn quality backlink for your website and rank your keyword on search engine.