Blog commenting in SEO

Hello, infotechker we are back with another cool blog post this time we are lean about SEO, in that Blog post we are discus about blog commenting and it Benefits in SEO process it is another method of increasing the Backlink for your website and help to increase website traffic in a particular keyword.

What Is Blog?

Firstly we can understand about blog or Blogger blog is the platform hosted by Google that allows to user post or shares their knowledge, work experience in a particular are most tech or not tech people can share their knowledge of writing the blog post.  Nowadays most of the company also write a blog post to tell a customer about their product and service they elaborate the product feature, advantages, etc. The advantage of a blog the person know about your product and services by your blog post you write, mostly big brand company writes the blog for a show their product and service quality, demand, how it very good for you, why are join there etc. 

The blog website is generally hosting the Google free hosting and their URL ended in “blogspot.com or in blogspot.in” in example http://gsitcomputers.blogspot.in/  in that particular URL you show the website URL (Website Link or Landing Page) end with blogspot.in or com you can use customer Domain Name also just like www.infotechker.com for purchase a domain for domain provider company Go Daddy or Big rock etc. or Google also provide custom  domain. 

What is Blog commenting in SEO? 

Now retune to the main topic, you can understand what is the blog and work it look then we are discussing about SEO blog commenting is one of the methods that can help to increase your website traffic in a particular query “Keyword” but you know that technique.  Basically, the Blog commenting provide “No follow” link to your website. But SEO purpose it can be helpful for off page SEO submission. 

In blog commenting submission we can find some blogger website and add our comment with highlight our keyword with landing page link any one can click that link they redirect to your website. Do not do more blog comment because it cloud is spamming your submission.  Set limit for your blog comment submission in one month takes grape in comment submission. 

How to do Blog Commenting in  SEO 

Let’s start your Blog commenting Process, some website provides the link option for your keyword just like forum posting but mostly not provide. some website gives the select the particular word and adds link option  tubler.com or Quadra that provide add link option on a comment .  Then this time we can use “HTML” tag for adding linkable comment in another website, It works only for blogger website.

 <b> <a href= “www.infotechker.com” title=”Digital Marketing free course”> Digital Marketing free course </a></b>

Only for    > Digital Marketing free course <a/> is text is display in a comment with link other code not display on the comment box. 

Select one or more website and open in new tab and find the content or blog Post that are similar or match your keyword, read a post properly before writing the comment. 

Write a Comment that is related to Particular blog Post and add HTML code that includes your website or landing page URL and click to Preview Option. Without HTML code you did not post blog your backlink in any comment box, so please add code also with your comment and add genus comment also.  

Don’t add nice, good etc. stupid comment on any blog because this type comment shows your mentality you didn’t read a blog post, without reading a blog post you add the comment and the admin can be deleted as well your comment. So add genus and related comment with the blog post.

Note: the first time you need to link your Email account to Blogger Account for comment any blog Post.

Look the preview of your comment with your backlink in blue color, in an image we show the how it looks.  Then click to publish button and your blog comment is going to approval for admin of this website or blog. 

You show your comment will be visible after approval is meaning your comment is published.

Some blog show instantly your comment like the image we show any one read your comment and they satisfy with then they can click your comment link and visit your website its mean you can earn traffic to other website throw blog commenting. But this method gives you no follow the link it can improve your website traffic only, try it, it can be helpful for your business, website, the blog for make better search engine visibility on major search engine. 

We add blog comment and add blog commenting link on our Excel sheet for the record your submission of SEO blog commenting.


Blog commenting in SEO that is one of the ways to improving Keyword ranking in a Major search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo that is not the regular submission process for SEO we do 5 to 10 comment of a month because more comment can spam for Google or Search engine. Then we publish some limited blog comment for improving our keyword ranking on search engine.