PDF Submission for SEO (2018)?

PDF  Submission for SEO 

Hello,  Guys welcome to your blog infotechker  the Digital Point we are happy to see you again on our blog. now in that time, we are discussing SEO topic we are writing varies articles about SEO and how to make your blog/website so with some cool SEO technique that is we mentioned in our previous blog post. we tell you Directory submission, Classified submission, Social Bookmarking and now we are Discus the PDF or Document submission for Increase your site Backlink in a major search engine like Google, Yahoo and  Bing etc.    

Now working on any website or may be called a “ URL” we need to focus on “keyword “  is important to target your keyword and URL in your content you have posted anywhere.

PDF Submission for SEO Benefits

Pdf submission is a service that provides maximum visibility to one’s website through promotion and getting the instant link that calls we backlinks. 

Pdf submission can be generated traffic from file-sharing website to your website. 
It can help Link Diversity your website.

It can help to instant search engine ranking on major search engine like google, bing, yahoo. 

Help to Improve search engine traffic.

Pdf is easy to create for any one. 

How to do PDF submission for seo? 

Firstly you need to create content in a Word document in 500 words to 1000 as your choice write a related content to your website. 

word look

Add hyperlinks in your keyword that can be add in your title of Content you create in Word file as well you can add the link in a body or description content also. you can add image, text, infographic banner also. And then go to any online word to pdf tool and make is a pdf file just like we show in the image. 

pdf look
Blue link is your website link we are the hyperlink in the word file and then convert to pdf, check your link is working, do not add broken link yet. Any user can find your pdf on any file sharing site they click the link and redirect to your website. 
Login to file sharing website 
1)  http://issuu.com/
8)    https://www.slideshare.net/
Example : 
log in to your account 
click to upload button 
PDF File Submission for SEO
If you click the upload button you can see that interface add your title of content with your keyword.
In second block you can add the description about your document is for search engine they find on web search result. 
The third option is a date you can add publish date on your pdf file. 
You can allow a user to download your file or not that defend for you. 
Then fill all information simply click to publish button.
The Same interface you can see on another website 


PDF File Submission for SEO
The title, Description, Category, Privacy etc.  In tags option, you can add your keyword and publish. 
PDF File Submission for SEO
Your file see like you see all information about your files like title and description and also you see the information pdf with the link. 
Conclusion:   PDF Submission for SEO  is one of the ways for content marketing but so purpose we use it for making the quality backlink for our website in a target a keyword throw the link or hyper the keyword on the link.