How to use forum posting site for SEO High Quality Backlinks ?

Forum posting site for SEO 

Hello, friends in that blog post we are discussing Forum Posting website that helps to improve our keyword ranking in a major search engine like google, bing, yahoo etc, Our previous Blog post we learn about some cool and effective step that helps to improve backlinks for our website and especially on our target Keyword. 
Seo off page Method we increase quality backing for our website.
Backlink: Your site Link that is placed on another website that calls backlinks.


Forum posting on SEO


Forum posting is an Online discussion website that allows writing and posts their query question and other people can give the answer, basically is the conversation website. In SEO forum posting is very good and effective Method to Generate Quality Backlinks. Is the right place to get Knowledge and relevant information in your query or questions on forum posting website.
Forum posting website is daily crawled by Search engine, that we tell you that is the best we to get quality Backlinks for Ranked your keyword on the search engine and most important to get quality traffic to your website.
How to Post Keyword and Link on Forum Posting website. 
For understanding, we use Quora website 
Quadra is one of the best websites for forum posting and also Blog posting that allows to user post blog and question and answers with Backlinks.
Posting for your first forum posting so content you need to login in Quora account simply go to and log in with your Facebook or Google+ Account.
Now your work starts there is two option for you fist is ask a question and second is answer any question. 



Enter your question in Quora Box and ex. What is SEO and click to Submit Button?And you can redirect your question page.

Quara submit


Now look your question on Quora you can answer self also to your question and invite another member also of a square that gives the best answer to your question. for the invite,  you can click to Request Button on right side of Answer and you show some think to live we show on image and click  +  sigh and invite a member to join your question on Quora.


Quara ans


For Backlink forum posting site for SEO, you need to choose one question yourself post question and click to answer option and you show a box just like we show on the image.
Add your text answer in the box with your Target keyword are include in your answer because you can highlight for Bold or Italic and add a Backlinks to user click and redirect to your website.
In my answer, I Select the “SEO” word as my keyword and make a bold and simple click to link icon and add your landing page or promoted URL in a box just like that. 
Quara ans add
And click on “ADD” button your backlink is now saved in your selected text.
 Quara ans add with tag
Forum Posting For SEO
Now you can simply submit your answer and also you can share it in a Facebook and Twitter social media for more people can see your answer in a square.
For checking your link simply move your mouse arrow on link answer see your link preview 
forum posting seo
Now the final submitting in your first Answer on Quora you see your answer with a Quality Backlink just like I show in my backlink on SEO keyword it just the example you can link your long keyword also. Anyone can click that “SEO” Blue link the can redirect to your landing or website page. 
Forum posting website is daily crawled by a search engine and your answer is a good many people and votes your answer 100 to 1000 then Google can show your ads in anyone can search on google “what is SEO” keyword because currently, Most of the search Google show Quora answer result. 
search result forum
Your website is not visible in that keywords don’t wary but your answer is visible in the search result the user clicks the answer and they redirect to a square website to your website. 
Conclusionforum posting site for SEO in a final word of forum posting website is the best and effective method to improving the best high-Quality Backlink for your keyword and website its help to direct targeting your keyword I mean to say “Keyword Focus”. if your work on so you should try to this one also please Don’t do the spamming submission more forum posting is not good to set some limit forum posting.