10 trending gadgets that you must own to experience an easier life

Technology develops so quick these days in so many different ways, which it makes it difficult for tech aficionados to keep track of latest developments. One of the best advancements in tech world has been the diverse range of gadgets that prove quite cool and provides the facility of time saving.

10 treading Gadgets
Gadgets make our life easier and provide quite immense joy with their cool features enabling us to do different tasks quite perfectly. Owing a gadget in itself is quite an exciting feeling and lets you impress others without making least efforts. So, here are 10 new gadgets you may want to consider adding to your collection for making your life easier and entertaining –

Bluetooth headset

Owning a Bluetooth headset is simply worth as the benefits such device are plenty. The headset can be connected to your phone without wire which provides you with the facility of talking while one the move. The device comes in various sizes and specifications and you can choose one according to your requirements. The device lets you reliable call clarity especially at outdoors and advance technology and adaptive noise cancelling makes the gadget highly productive and owner’s pride. A sturdy pair of Bluetooth headset is a must have gadget for those who like to listen to music and talk on phone while on the move.

MI Power Bank

If you are looking for a powerful and top notch power bank in a budget price, then MI Power Bank is certainly a perfect that you can get your hands on. The gadget comes with a massive 20,000 mAh battery that can keep your phones, tablets, electronic device and even cameras fully powered for extended hours during travel. Equipped with quick charge support, the device uses high density lithium polymer batteries and is compatible with all sorts of smartphones, tablets and most electronic devices.

Samsung Smart Fitness Band

The smart fitness band from technology giant Samsungs is not just another gadget. The fitness band is a perfect device for you if you are into full time fitness and like to track your daily exercise routine. You can connect the fitness wearable with your Smartphone and it helps you monitor your heart rate as well as well as burn calories count. The activity tracking band works with almost every Smartphone and being enabled with GPS it can track boatload of fitness activities.

Sony portable speakers

Music lovers can now rejoice as the newly launched Sony portable speakers come with powerful audio and sound quality. The wireless speakers packs 20 W RMS of power into a portable, lightweight body and offers one-touch listening via NFC and Bluetooth for wireless streaming. The Bluetooth speakers from Sony supply deep and punchy sound and can provide with non-stop high octane music continuously for 24 hours.

Google Pixel 

Manufactured by technology giant Google, the pixel smart phones have captured the market by storm. The phone has been touted as the first device with Google assistant feature other exclusive features specially designed for the phone.  Equipped with best ever camera in a Smartphone, the Google pixel lets you click extraordinary image with one touch.  An ideal gadget, the Smartphone lets you manage everyday task with unparallel ease and dispenses quite superior satisfaction to the end user.

 Nintendo Switch

A perfect gaming console of sorts, the Nintendo Switch lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.  The gaming console is the seventh device in the series developed by Nintendo and it gives you the freedom to have fun your way. The console switch can be played with TV and it can also be connected with laptop or tablet or placed standalone for being visible to several other players.  The gaming device can be availed in attractive colours along with dual switches for enjoying face-off and experiencing extraordinary satisfaction.

Coolpad Note 5

Launched in September last year, the Coolpad Note 5 is an ideal phone in a compact budget loaded with top-notch features. Powered with 1.5GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, the device comes with 4GB of RAM which amounts for quite powerful performance.  With excellent camera and reliable battery back-up, the smartphone is quite serious gadget that you prefer over other phones in same price range.


The fifth generation Macbook is probably the best laptop available at present in the market.  Equipped with gamut of efficient and smart features, the Apple laptop provides you with more time to do more things.  The new and advanced Macbook comes with all day long battery and provides seamless performance. The processor and graphics are matchless sand and multi touch track pad ensures quite extraordinary and satisfying performance.

Rechargeable Batteries

There are plentiful of benefits that rechargeable batteries provide when you accompany them along with you during travel. An eco- friendly option, such batteries not only are easily rechargeable rather they prove quite suitable option when compared to traditional batteries. Quite a productive gadget, batteries that are rechargeable prove time saving and avoids investment in lithium batteries that are use and throw.

Grandstream multimedia phone

The Grandstream is a 6-line multimedia video phone with 7 color touch screen which runs on an Android 4.2 system and provides the facility of video calling along with calling. A must have gadget for every business; the phone can be integrated with surveillance cameras to watch live feed along with alerts and alarms.  The user can also synchronize their phone calendar and contacts with the phone to simply transfer the calls to the device for better and more satisfying engagement with clients.

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