Create Paypal Account for india

Hello, friends welcome to infotechker the Digital Point, now today in that blog post we are discussing Paypal Payment services and  How to create Paypal Account for Indiathat are very important to Avery blogger freelancer or Business person they target international or National customer to received or send payment.

You have purchased online in various eCommerce portal then this time you can use your debit or credit card to purchase but some international eCommerce website ex. they not accept payment without pay pal to Indian user this time you need a PayPal account to purchase something. 

Now let’s start How to create Paypal Account for India 

Step 1:  to login to PayPal official website simply go to google and search PayPal or click here you see some think like the window that I show in the image .

In that condition, you can choose your account type individual or Business account and click to Get Started Button.

Step 2: file the form select your country, enter your email id (email id is important for payment receive ) your strong password and click to continue button.

 Step 3: click to continue you can redirect to your personal information section fill all information similar like your “PAN CARD “  Document without pan your account not active. 

Enter all Detail and click to check box and read all term and condition properly and click to Agree and Create account button. 

Now your basic PayPal account has been created you can link your atm card also but normally step that click to I’ll link my card later option. 

Step 4 : Go to your Account on footer your can enter in your Dashboard you can set all information and setting yet.

Add your Bank account to Receive payment enters your bank account and IFSC code tour name is automatic display and select continue option. 

But your account is not active because to need to verify PayPal to link your account in that case PayPal send some small amount to your account ex.  INR .2 or INR 0.1 you can find that amount in your passbook statement and enter the following box and conform.

Confirm your mobile number to add 4 digit number add and conform.

Conform your email for PayPal security and activation account process.  

In India, Paypal provide auto withdrawal facility to automate send PayPal amount to your bank account 

According to Indian policy payapl send money automatically to Indian customer bank account.

Step 5 : check your email you receive a mail form add PAN number in paypal please add your pan number because without pan your account can not active and you have don’t receive any payment .

Follow all term and guideline for paypal and complete to make easy use .

Conclusion:  PayPal is word largest payment service that can help to millions customer to receive payment in word wide platform in that post we learn to How to create Paypal Account for India