What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ?

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Find any information on the internet the search engine is the king of the road to find the information; the search engine is the useful tool. The present and coming generations rely on Bing, Yahoo!, Google or any other search website to collect knowledge and information.
The user enters any word in the search box and returns with numerous search result almost instantly. Google is the presently so dominated that performs more than six billion searches every month. Bing and Yahoo! Are next to follow this giant search engine.
It’s the dream of Avery business that shows up on top of the search result so that it gets the highest marketing through the internet. this is done now day by promoting on Google, Bing, Yahoo! And other search engines and in retune, these businesses get closer to the top result.
If you are looking for away to rank your website higher in the search result, the most basic thing you should do is to increase the number of websites that are connected to your web page.

What is Search Engine Marketing? 

Search engine Marketing is done properly and regularly it can be the best way to marketing or promoting your website, Business on an internet and attract traffic on your website. This is an avoidable situation and mist not is ignored as it holds huge benefits for your business.
To ignore the marketing strategy means that you’re delaying the success of your business and certainly preventing it as well. Basically, these methods provide much-needed traffic to your business and promote it’s so that you earn a huge profit.
“ Search Engine Marketing is the process of promoting your website, business or any content by using paid methods, free methods or a combination using both method of the search engine Optimization (SEO). ‘’

Search engine Marketing Categories 

Search engine marketing is a type of internet marketing that promote the website by enhancing visibility in the search result of the search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Paid Advertising

This Type of search engine marketing user attracts by paid campaign, the paid marketing method such ad pay-per-click method providing the fast result. They are expensive and one must always take a look at the budgets before choosing any method.
This is a method that search engine company to charge fees for including the website on their search result. These methods are also known a paid inclusion and sponsored listing. That the product shows up on ad-bar of the search engine, or show up on the pages of search engine result.
Each search engine has some has sort of advertising program, with Google AdWord and Bing Ads being the two most commonly used, due to a large number of the search conducted through these two search engine.

The search engine provides several types of Ads which often include.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement (PPC)

This type advertising called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and it means that your pay anytime someone clicks on your ad show in the search engine result pages. This type of advertisement is most commonly used by the advertisers, this type ad required payment only your ads show and user click on that.

Cost-per-thousand Impressions (CPM)

This type of advertising you can pay only for impression, the number of time your ads on display or show, using this type of advertising you pay for each of one thousand impressions.

Ad formats

While the text ads are appearing in the search engine result pages are a most common type of search engine advertising there is another ad format available.
Text Ads:  text ads are shown on search engine Result, its show for matching the user keyword they search on search engine. Web site headline and description show on that result.
Text ads
Ad Extension:  the extension ads are shown to location, user rating, Google+ follower, Contact us Button, its show the engagement of user to your site, as well show the fast call to action option.
ad extension
Images:  Image ads are most common use format we can see some ads banner on any website. Google display network supports images ads, we can upload our banner images and Google has the display then you create ads on Google network. 
Banner ads
Mobile Text or Image ads: On mobile ads display include such as text, Graphical Banner, Graphical Banner with links, videos, Google ads Network supports the various mobile app on this network, Google support responsive website then your ads are shown on any device including mobile. tablet.
Mobile ads
App Promotion: Google Network is helping to promote your Business app and they display your app on their partner’s website throw the ads for use Download it.  Its type ads mostly display the mobile and tablet user.
app promote
App Promote
Video Ad: Video ads is the most effective in today the Google allows the display video ads on their network called YouTube or other.  Mostly website you visit than some video are automatically play that call video ad, in YouTube, we can see some 20 sec video ads with skip Ad.
Video ads
Product listing ads: this type of ads are user for e-commerce website they show on search engine result for any keyword related to the product are other Google publisher website.
List product ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine Optimization is the user so called Organic reach or result so that the website or any content of the client is adjusted and rewritten in order to increase the visibility of that content in the search engine result.  SEO is the important part of managing website on the search engine, SEO defined our site audit, Headline stature, site Description, meta  Tag, Image Optimization, content optimization etc.
The Internet is the key to today business word Avery business move on the internet and they create their space on that, there is more competitor available, for better perfume the use several ways to promote their business on the internet.  Search engine Marketing (SEM) is the prompt way to promote their advertisement and Business on the web, different technique and trick are impotent for business to adopt this in order to add success.  Google is the King of search engine toady, leaving Bing and Yahoo!. There is a different way to rank on search engine Avery search engine require different SEM technique as well. You should follow all guideline and recommendations in order to success for your business.