What is Push Notification and How to enable in website ?

welcome to web portal now it’s time to learn about push notification services, I know you are interest to learn about that to how its work and how to enable push notification service on your website, blog etc. 

What is Push Notification?

Push Notification is an alert style Message that appears on the Browser (Chrome , Mozilla Firefox) screen of user Device. push notification service to provide the opportunity to connect and re-engage user with your website. 

User can visit any site they show some push Notification subscriber alert on top for “disallow” or “Allow” option box it mean the website can be offer you to subscribe their push Notification alert  , then you can click to “ALLOW” Button and subscribe the service than the website or send you all update, information, social, offer Notification on your web Browser screen .

According to Analysis Push Notification are Boost the 88 % website and app engagement, that are most useful to generate website Traffic as well re-engagement user to the website. 

Type of Push Notification 

1 ) Informational: this type push notification can send update about like, comment, status update etc.  to deliver to user criteria to ALLOW to send push Notification. 
For Example,  The Traveling AAP or Web Portal can be sent Update about the flight departure time. 
2) New feature and Content: This message can be sent to user alert about something in App or Portal. In a case of game of new level. 

For example, App Update with new future or New Episode of shows. 

3) Social Action: these are alert to user social Network has perfumed an action by a comment, like,share, mention, etc. this message can be turned back to the user to visit the website and reply the comment as well the conversion with their social Network.   

4 ) Take Action:  Similar to social Notification, Take the action Notification alert user to need to take a specific action. 

for example Reminder for play game, the health app reminds for a user to open and log their water consumption for the day. Shopping App alert user certain item is on sale for one day. 
How to enable Push Notification on website 

Login to your Push Notification Service Dashboard creates your push Notification box you can edit content massage if you can display your user all set just click to save and copy some push notification code that gives you by push notification service and pest that Code in your website before closing </Head> tag and save. 

For Word press code install login your word press Dashboard go to “Appearance “and click to Edit option.

Then click to theme Header section (header.php) open that and click to “process “ button.

You can show your header page code find the </Head> tag and pest push Notification code before closing and save temple it’s done now. Refresh your website and test your Push Notification Now.

For the Blogger Login to blogger dashboard goes to temple section, click to “Edit HTML” open your code zone find </HEAD> tag and pest same push Notification code before the closing </head>  and save temple and open or Refresh your Blog and see your First Push Notification alert. 

Push Notification Services 











conclusion : the push notification service is good for send alert massage to your user , customer its help to make generate traffic to your website.


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