4 essential things that you should know about Log Splitters

Hey there! A very happy day to all of you. Today, we are here to show you an interesting information about the heavy-duty log splitters. If you are one of them who are going to buy these heavy duty log splitters or thinking about upgrading your equipment then you should know all everything about it as well as its features. As you are spending your money on these heavy-duty machines, that is why you must know all about it. Welcome to Rock Machinery. We are specialized in building all kinds of log splitters comprising of the latest features and model. And now we are showing here some important facts that will definitely improve your knowledge about it.

Have a look at the following 4 essential points about log splitters that every shopper should consider while purchasing it-

The speed factor, Hydraulic or Flywheel?

This point explains all about the speed of log splitters. First of all, just think how much speed do you want, what does its speed matter to you, then select the right heavy duty log splitter and go ahead with your work. Talking about the Hydraulic Log Splitters, these have hydraulic pumps and valves that assist in pushing the splitting ram through log gradually. Even a single splitting process takes some time to complete. Thus, its process is slow.

When looking at the flywheel log splitters, its speed is greater than the hydraulic wheels. The flywheel log splitters consist of the heavy flywheels and a pinion gear.

Power of splitting in log splitters

What should be the power requirements for your log splitters, depends upon the requirement of your area and work. You can take the assistance of our professionals in order to decide about what speed range is best for you that suits your working requirements.

Hydraulic log splitters can handle the tonnage that means the bigger, tougher, denser, and knottier logs. Further, if you are looking for the efficiency and speed more, than flywheel may be the best option to consider. Don’t haste, choose wisely.


This is another important fact that you should consider carefully while purchasing the log splitters. If you want to move your log splitter or store at some different place, you should check its towing feature. The towing feature of log splitters allows them to move frequently and easily with a pin-hitch on your property.

Select the best quality log splitters from our wide range of products that are designed to meet your transportation needs.

Log Size

Since each log splitter is different, therefore, each has its own capacity through which it can split the logs. That is why it is very important that you should be aware of the maximum size log that any given splitter can handle. In this way, first of all, decide what are your work requirement regarding the size of log splitting, then identify and select the type of log splitter that can handle the size of your log efficiently, then invest your valuable amount in buying these heavy duty log splitters.