PR 8 do follow Backlink from Tumbler (2018) ?

8 do follow Backlink

Are you looking for the Do-follow backlink from the tumbler?
Yes ! you are in right place, I show you the way to get do follow Back link form Tumbler.


do-follow backlink


Your website link is placed into another website that calls backlink for your website.
Firstly understand the what is do follow backlink and no follow Backlink.

No follow backlink that link is not Considered By Google (Indexer/Robot)   it means you have a No follow backlink on a website then Google Robot visit your Site and they find a Link on a text or other sources, but Google Not count or redirect to that link because they attribute is No follow.

Do follow Link are very Impotent for any website and there rank factor Google Considered or Index that links for website backlink in SEO your Main Goad is Create a High Page Rank or DA Do follow Backlink for your website or landing page this type of do follow backlink or help to improving your website Visibility and Ranking on specific keyword you have targeted on search engine.  

We need to maximum do follow Backlink for our website, but there is Ration off Do follow and no follow website our ration is No follow 35 % and Do follow is 65 %.

Get the PR 8 do follow Backlink from tumbler


Tumbler is one off the Best Social Bookmarking and free blogging website that has very Good Page Rank or DA on the search engine.
You have submitted your content on tumbler for rank your keyword and URL, but I frankly tell you most off social Bookmarking Submission we have done in  various Bookmarking site but end off result we get only “No-Follow” Backlink this bookmarking submission help to increase traffic and keyword rank but they not provide Do-follow Backlink that we want for our website.  
My Bookmarking work is west!   …. No …
That is one of the technique for Off-page SEO Technique for link Building and that post I am showing you the way you can get Do- follow Backlink for your Website with high Page Rank website.
Go to tumbler website click here and register if you have New or log in if you have an account.
Click to profile menu we show in images and click to “ +New “ Button then you click this button you have Redirect to the Blog section.
Tumbler provides free blogging facility on their hosting for do-follow Backlink you need to create a blog just follow my step.
get PR 8 do follow Backlink
Create a new blog section you have to create a blog that can be related to your website and keyword.
Title: add your blog title or blog name that can be shown in tumbler blogging platform.
URL: URL section you can add your blog URL but that link is a sub domain and link end of “your blog. “
Password: Password protection you have choose a password for access this blog or otherwise you skip it.
Verify you are human with the security box and click to create a blog button and create your blog on tumbler.  
get PR 8 do follow Backlink


 Then you create a blog you have to see similar like window and “ No post Found  “  in top off website URL you have found your new Blog name.
do follow backlink
Edit Theme Option you have to add your newly created blog Description with some “HTML link code”  that was I give you-you have added your  Description and HTML code with the combination that helped to add the link on this blog.
Ex. A blog about technology and latest news update that was founded on <a href=”” >website </a>  That share with other people.
You may be added similar link code into your distribution and save your blog on the top button they given Side off your blog you show live previews of your content and link.
For find your link is Do-follow or Not select the “blue link” and click to control + shift-I or Right Click on the link and  “ Inspect “  you have show website source code find your link on that code then your link show like <a href=’’’’> keyword </a> it mean is you get PR 8 do follow Backlink.
But then in that code your link show like <a href=’’’’ rel=”no follow”> keyword </a>  that mean it is a No-follow link for the website .
But in that case, we get the Do-follow link for a tumbler.


list of Do Follow backlink website 2018


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Conclusion:  Tumbler is very popular social bookmarking site also they provide free blog posting platform we can create the free blog and get PR 8 do follow Backlink from tumbler for a website and rank our keyword website and increase website DA in a search engine.

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