What is Strategies of Link Building SEO ?

Link Building SEO

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Hey, our previous Blog post we are Lean about Top Off-Page SEO techniques and their Benefit to Our Website and Ranking Our targeting Keyword on Major search engine Like Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc. Now in that Post, We are Discus about another traffic trick called Link Building SEO that is the major part of your SEO work.    

Link Building is Most Powerful and Effective Off-Page SEO Method,  By Building External links to your website, it makes to bypass your competitor and rank higher.  Over the year webmaster has been trying to build links to their webmaster to get Higher ranking and they invented a number of ways to increase link count.
Link Building SEO means to get the High-Quality link on your website with use Top SEO technique and follow Search engine Guideline to get Do follow and No follow a link to your Website.


SEO is the Major key to your Online Visibility on Any Keyword on search Engine and Strategies of Link Building SEO that help them. Before Link Building We are understood about a Backlink.



Backlink building OR Link building SEO 


Backlink :
Your  Website or Landing page link which can place on another website that knows as the Backlink for your website.   Ex. Social Media Like Button you add on your Website it means your website Pro video Backlink to Social Media Website and you post Something with your link on any Social Media like Facebook anyone click that link and came to your site it’s mean that link is your website backlink.
Link building seo


1)    Back link helps to Get Higher On Google Page Rank. 
2)    Back link is increased online Reputation of your website with Quality Back links.
3)    It helps to Target Your Keyword.
4)    Increase website traffic with organically and get to the top of search engine result.
        Page Rank:
1)    A page Rank is Link Analysis Algorithm which provides By Google to Check Quality of Web site.
2)    Page Rank starting with 0 to 10 and Any website Average page Rank is 3 
3)    Google re-Evaluate Page Ranks on 3 to 4 time Per Year so for Almost Google calculate your Page rank on Avery 4 Month.  

How to increase page Rank


1 ) Quality Backlink :
Quality Back Link Building is the Impotent strategies for increase PR , get the Backlink from those website which have High or Good page rank than your website, because this type of website provides you the quality Back Link , Get backlink to those website that website Content is Relevant to your website, create the Deep Backlink , add Back Link to Your targeting keyword just like Blog commenting and Social Bookmarking , always follow the percent rate of 65 % Do follow Back Link and 35% No follow Backlink to Your website.
2) Quality Contain:
Contain Is KING  Avery One Know about that for High PR your Website content is always High Quality, it means Do Not Share Copy Pest Material or grammatically Mistake in your Content, add Text, Images, Video, Info Graphic contain add Images with low size and high quality that load fast that not effect on your website loading speed.
4) Submit Website To Search Engine :
Link Building SEO that is one of the Major step visibility on search engine you need to index your website to search engine, you have submit your website to major search engine with use of Google Webmaster tool and Bing and Yahoo Webmaster tools you have also used some free website submitting tools to submit your website to another search engine. Submit your website sitemap and Robot.txt file also for search engine webmaster to fast Index your website. 
5) Online Reputation :
Online reputation is very important to your website online Presence you have regularly Update Your content is important for Online reputation of your Website, always share Interesting and Quality Content that helps and Understand user and Create marketing strategies for Promote your Content and Website in various social Media Marketing website like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, you have to create Social Account and Add Follow link to Your website social media very helpful to your Online Presence or reputation that provide ratting, comment for Your business .

How To Increase back Link

For increasing Back link you have work on Off page SEO technique that we already write in our last Blog post there is Number of technique to increase the backlink we use only that technique that follows White hate SEO. We can’t descript all deeply because we are already writing about on our blog for more you can find click to  Top Off-page SEO technique.
1)    Directory Submission: Add your Website or Landing Page to website Directories with meta Keyword and Description and use regular or free link option it provides do follow Link to your website.
2)    Social Book Marketing:  Social Bookmark provides generally no follow the link but there you get the facility to Add Link to Your targeting keyword.
3)    Blog Commenting: Blog Commenting is generally provided Do follow and some time No follow backlink for the website and Most time is fear for Shamming because post comment not unique.
4)    Forum Posting: it also One of the methods of getting Backlink for website forum posting website is crawl daily by the search engine.
5)    Articles Submission: Articles submission is one of the ways to Get backlink to post relevant articles to your website and post other articles submitting website and get Do follow backlink.    
6)    Documents Submission:  share PDF, PPT file in file-sharing website and get  Do follow backlink for your website.
7)    Video Posting: create Video and Publish on Video sharing Website like YouTube, daily motion and Get backlink for your website.
8)    Blog Posting : Blog Posting is one of the way to create Quality Backlink for website create free blog on blogging website like, Blogger.com, Word press Tumbler.com, Quora.com etc, and write a articles that relevant to your website and add link to keyword add only 2 link on 2 keyword and publish them you get quality Do follow backlink .  

Conclusion: Link Building SEO That is some major technique to increase quality backlink for the website with no submission on various website directory store website link and attract a user to your website. Link Building Strategies help to rank our website, Increase Website organic traffic by targeting the keyword that user search on the search engine, and find we on search engine result.  

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